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In terms of cost consciousness, which is a crucial dimension of performance in the public sector and the main focus of this study, the empirical evidence relating its link with corporatization is even less convincing.
The first two myths are very common within the acquisition community, because it lives and breathes cost consciousness, cost control, acquisition strategy, and cost estimates in a daily effort to achieve affordability.
Initiatives to enhance cost consciousness, savings, and restraint are often communicated through updated policy and procedures.
AT a time of credit crunch, cost consciousness, tightening one's belt and trimming to the bone, the expense of speculative remodelling of an empty office building in a slow property market, may not be considered wise by many laymen, let alone the 'experts'.
There's been a real drop in value on a lot of those houses, Quick said, as cost consciousness overshadows many borrowers.
Empowered CIMA members are in an ideal position to foster a culture of cost consciousness throughout public organisations.
Keith Bowman, equity analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown Stockbrokers, said: "Halfords continues to capitalise on a combination of consumer cost consciousness, environmental appeal and reputational trust.
While benefits administrators report that many more high-deductible plans are being adopted, measures that require more cost consciousness on the part of consumers have already taken a huge bite out of the premium costs employers share with their workforces.
Perhaps most important is the increasing cost consciousness by senior executives, many of whom dissect with surgical precision every phase of their manufacturing and distribution operations.
The judiciary has since placed greater emphasis on cost consciousness in the guidelines for courthouse construction that it provides to GSA.
The evolving cost consciousness of healthcare providers requires diagnostic imaging services to produce high-quality images rapidly, transmit them broadly, display them in alternate ways, and archive and retrieve them efficiently.