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In this context, organizations that have been the subject of reforms should adopt an institutional logic that allows for improved cost consciousness and, in turn, these organizations should be held accountable for their resource consumption.
Affordability is about looking at one's needs and how much one is willing to spend, while being mindful of how the different decisions involved in cost consciousness, cost control, and acquisition strategy, can help maintain affordability over the long term.
Centralisation and rationalisation of hospital activities have not yet resulted in significant economies, and health system cost consciousness is still weak.
The judiciary has since placed greater emphasis on cost consciousness in the guidelines for courthouse construction that it provides to GSA.
The evolving cost consciousness of healthcare providers requires diagnostic imaging services to produce high-quality images rapidly, transmit them broadly, display them in alternate ways, and archive and retrieve them efficiently.
Some argue governments demonstrate cost consciousness via the discipline of lowest-bid practices.
Turbulent Force 6: Desire to Be a "Service Business"--demand for greater cost consciousness, concern about service values to "citizen customers," emphasis on productivity, performance and results; growing frustration with employee attitude of entitlement, services based upon tradition rather than community need.
CFO Gary Kelly said that while this reinforced the cost consciousness that is so important to the airline, he now wants to modify this mindset so employees can think more strategically and link actions, such as aircraft turnaround delays, to the impact that has on Southwest's profit-sharing plan.
But Schuler warned that many small banks may hinder much-needed investment in management of risk and other information services due to severe cost consciousness.
They arrest political momentum for intrusive government policies by accentuating cost consciousness at the grass roots level, attenuating growth in the number of uninsured, returning the benefits of a positive physician-patient relationship, and alleviating provider charity and uncollectible billings problems.
The IVD industry may actually benefit from cost consciousness among healthcare providers, as accurate diagnosis can often minimize hospitalizations and more expensive treatment alternatives.
The planned legislation is aimed at bringing different points of view and cost consciousness to the nation's bloated bureaucracy, the sources said.