cost of reclamation

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The park now has a disc golf course, baseball fields, walking trails and fishing.<br />The cost of reclamation, including bridge construction, seeding and sprigging trees, watering and material disposal, totals $600,000, Dolese reported to City Hall.<br />Kupper said opening the park will depend largely on how quickly he can confirm staffing for maintaining the property.<br />"We're looking forward to having that puppy open for the public, that's for sure," Kupper said.
The companies believe that the cost of reclamation at Troy will be borne by the current insurance-backed reclamation policy that was established by Revett for that purpose.
For a region that has been mining tin for more than 200 years, one key issue of concern appeared to be the limited extent of land reclamation observed at the moment, whether this was a result of repeated re-mining of the same areas, or to the lack of contributions to the cost of reclamation from unconventional small scale miners.
"The cost of reclamation and preparing the area is around BD8 million ($20.94 million)."
cost of reclamation was $64 million, the real property had negative
Under SMCRA, states have flexibility to require mine operators to provide a bond for the full cost of reclamation or participate in an alternative bonding system such as a bond pool, which may combine bonds, taxes on coal production, and other sources of funding.
"Dealers are often more than willing to absorb part of the cost of reclamation, if there is one," says Matsoukas.
Residents suggested that in case of default on the part of the operator, the province should hire a private agency to level the spoils and plant trees, and the mining company should bear the cost of reclamation. In view of this, residents suggested that a Resident Board or a Committee be formed to bridge the gap between mine executives and locals so that their views can be incorporated into reclamation programs.
But, as council director Rob Quick says in a private report, it became clear that ``the cost of reclamation would be substantial''.
And they require mines--new or existing--to provide financial guarantees, or bonds, that cover the cost of reclamation (as estimated by BLM staff) after a mine closes.
His view is unless the developer can pay for the extra cost of reclamation and infrastructure, then there has to be public sector subsidy.
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