cost of recovery

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Working with MGX, Purlucid invented and filed patent applications for apparatus and methods for brine treatment and selective lithium recovery that integrates with the MGX Petrolithium Recovery Process, greatly reducing the cost of recovery and enhancing the quality across the complex range of brines received from oil and gas wells.
According to the study, 13% put the estimated cost of recovery as high as $30 million, 31% put the figure at$ 20-30 million, and 34% $ 20 to 30 million.
Drawing from mechanics applied for assessment of typhoons "Sendong" and "Pablo," the team will carry out field assessment from January to February to find out the extent of damages, specific measures for rebuilding and cost of recovery.
The total cost of recovery for these diseases also varied with an amount of Rs.
Acknowledging that the cost of recovery from the tsunami and earthquake was high and would run into billions of dollars, H E Morimoto noted that Japan would take it 'step-by-step' to achieve normal life again.
Islamabad, Sept 21 (ANI): US Special Envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke has reiterated that the international community cannot fund the entire cost of recovery from the devastation caused by floods, and that the Pakistan government must do more in this regard.
The damage caused by the floods and the cost of recovery could bring long-term economic pain to Pakistan and shave more than one percentage point off economic growth, analysts say.
As well as loss of revenue, the authority has to bear the cost of recovery and prosecution.
However, the cost of recovery will be felt by the nation and carried mostly by taxpayers in the form of tax rises and savage cuts in public spending.
The most common problems are flat batteries, punctured tyres and engine troubles and the cost of recovery can be more than pounds 100 if you don't have proper breakdown cover.
Five weeks later her Mini is now back at the dealership and the cost of recovery and a hire car has run into thousands.