cost of transportation

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The cost of transportation was too great to allow any but the best products to be imported.
Japan's government was reportedly considering is response and the buy would reportedly be worth hundreds of millions of dollars including the cost of transportation.
Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday stressed the need to enhance port-led development through the Sagarmala scheme and develop inland waterways to use rivers for cargo movement to decongest road and rail networks, reduce the cost of transportation as well as cut oil import bill.
Price of the order (total): 2 386.88 Belarusian rubles, taking into account the cost of transportation (including the supply of goods to the place of installation), insurance, payment of customs duties and taxes (including VAT for residents of the Republic of Belarus), fees and other payments.
Besides, rising cost of transportation due to petrol prices hike has also resulted in increase in its price.
Bello said the project would also be of great benefit to shippers in the country, more than anybody because the cost of transportation of their cargoes from the sea to their warehouses would reduce drastically.
In his letter to Jaitley, Devli said the move will help Indian-flag vessels engaged in the shipping of both the EXIM and domestic cargo on the Indian coast, including between the East and West coast of the country, to make optimum use of their space and reduce the cost of transportation for all including the trade.
In a hearing held at the Cebu Port Authority office here on Monday, Arroyo listened to the issues raised by stakeholders, who gave suggestions on how to minimize the cost of transportation in relation to the Ro-Ro project.
Cost of transportation increased from 9000 to 13104 rupees, food charges from 23000 to 38000 rupees, Madina accommodation from 23200 to 40000, train charges from 7250 to 20000 rupees, Qurbani from 13050 to 19451 rupees while cost of air travel has gone up by 17000 rupees.
For the third consecutive year, Cook County will make available $8.5 million in grants to help cover the cost of transportation improvements sponsored by local governments and private partners.
The article also states that the municipality will not bear any responsibility for the cost of transportation or damage caused while towing.
The economic cost of transportation in Metro Manila has risen to P3.5 billion a day, and the situation can get worse to P5.4 billion a day by 2035 if interventions will not be made.