cost of transportation

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The cost of transportation was too great to allow any but the best products to be imported.
One of the issues hindering the growth of coastal shipping has been the levy of customs and central excise duty on bunker fuels which raises cost of transportation.
Mainly, final prices for petrols in Kyrgyzstan are affected by tax policy of the state, cost of transportation, as well as changes in currency exchange rates.
The manufacturers have blamed higher cost of transportation and electricity for successive increases in Prices of the building material.
If 50 kilometres distance is being covered through the waterways then it would be equal to the road transport but if 150 kilometres is covered through waterways, then the cost of transportation through waterways would be half the cost of transportation through roadways.
Using the "Housing and Transportation Affordability Index," researchers have discovered a potential financial challenge lurking behind that suburban dream house: the increased cost of transportation for commuting to job centers swallows up the money saved by choosing a home on the urban fringe.
PLS partners logistics professionals with industry-leading technology to provide value for clients by optimizing their supply-chain efficiency, improving service and reducing the total cost of transportation.
After his story was aired, more than 12,000 people asked the Sherman Oaks-based Children's Burn Foundation to help the boy and his family with travel visas and to cover the cost of transportation and medical cost.
Farmers will contract with the state for the labor, paying the cost of transportation and guards.
He reports some Mexican consumers looking as lar afield as the Great Lakes region for OCC--a sign they must be pretty hungry for the material to consider buying from that distance, considering the high cost of transportation.
The 30-per-cent discount basically covers the cost of transportation, which is always a concern in the Far North, he says.
The other factors that may influence the order sourcing decision include the receipt of subsequent orders, manufacturing costs, trim, backlogs, availability/reliability of transportation, cost of transportation, and product quality.