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In these papers exclusion is costless for the designer.
The six total treatments are generated by conducting the (i) single-period, (ii) multi-period with costless delay, and (iii) multi-period with costly delay protocol (our Baseline protocol), with buyers making offers in the first three treatments and sellers making demands in the other three treatments.
The IMF can allocate these SDRs to any of its members - especially those in desperate need - giving these countries a costless asset for which interest is neither earned nor paid.
Taraborelli claims that social software offer an opportunity to provide costless and accurate metrics that may become more relevant to measure scientific impact than raw hits or other forms of usage-based statistics.
Emitting greenhouse gases is costless for the polluter, but the sum of emissions resides in the atmosphere at an enormous societal cost.
I felt ashamed at first that my wedding would be in an open area, he said, -but it was costless.
Kraus, 1984, "Notes on Costless Financial Signaling", Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems, 227:33-51
ESOs were considered to be more or less costless to the company but of great value to the employee.
Each of the strategies allows for both costless (cheap talk) and costly signals.
While the council is obsessed with trams,it is losing sight of the opportunity presented by the European Capital of Culture title to gain active government support and financial aid for the provision of major exhibition and conference facilities and a large arena, none of which the city possesses, and which would collectively costless than the trams.
The Kirkland Lake council found an almost costless strategy to make children, money, and talent stick in the North.