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We analyze the buyer-offer and seller-demand protocols separately, controlling in each case for the offer or demand and including two dummy variables indicating that the treatment was single period or had costless delay.
Because credibility may be at issue when signals are costless and non-binding, we expect costly signals will have a greater effect on improving coordination, thus:
Risk is reduced by raising p and reducing f, so when it is costless to convict criminals, they should be convicted with probability one.
As will be seen below, such earnings crossmatches are extremely powerful in their applications and also almost costless to implement.
However, ensuring the successful transition from noncompetitive to competitive employment is not costless.
Atlas executed a combination of fixed-price swap and costless collar positions to protect its future production from movement in commodity prices.
This is the second volume of two-volume work examining the concept of costless inputs to wealth creation.
The four-day event will run until March 1, and will see participation of around 35 exhibitors including retail outlets such as Sharaf DG, Plug Ins, E-max, and Costless, among others.
A good reason to bail out the subordinate government is because the bailout isn't costless.
with retailers including Lulu Hypermarkets, KM Trading, and Costless
Our native XBRL approach brings costless storage and maintenance facilities, and enables direct access to XBRL data," says Pascal Ruby, CEO of XediX.
A software program--once written--might seem costless, Boldrin and Levine write, but "the prototype does not sit on thin air.