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The theory requires that market entry is costless. However, instead of directly addressing this condition, policy documents indicate that removing regulatory barriers to market entry is sufficient to create contestable markets.
In the previous section, it was shown that firms (and workers) can be better off if they do not install the monitoring technology, even if it is costless. However, it may well be the case that it is individually profitable to deviate from nonmonitoring to monitoring.
In practice, however, government-provided deposit insurance is not a costless solution.
For Costless, which is planning to roll out six new stores in Abu Dhabi this year, the exhibition will be a chance to meet potential buyers.
For Costless, which is planning to roll out six new stores in Abu Dhabi during this year, the exhibition will allow a chance to meet potential buyers.
This alternative allows plan sponsors to consider other options without bundled fees, and these might, in the end, costless.
The 'costless' myth | Brannon and Lowell assert that closing the Ex-Im Bank would "save virtually no taxpayer money." The fact that the bank is "self-sustaining" and, since 2005, has returned $3.4 billion to the U.S.
Although "imposing new privacy protections will not be costless," the FTC's report says, "the Commission believes doing so not only will help consumers but also will benefit businesses by building consumer trust in the marketplace."
Urfan, who runs Costless Express in Muirhouse, Edinburgh, said: "I had no idea it would get so many hits."
Dr Bollard also noted that disaster preparedness is necessary and desirable, but not costless. Determining the appropriate balance of such concerns in advance will always be a challenging task, he said.
Consequently, the board of directors decided in June that it would be wise to protect cash flow for the second half by hedging, and we put in place a costless collar with an USD85 floor and USD102.50 ceiling.
Additionally, the company said that its instruments create a "costless collar" based upon the US Department of Energy's weekly diesel fuel price index and NYMEX unleaded gasoline contracts to improves its future earnings' visibility and predictability.