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Not surprisingly, when individuals ex ante are not automatically and costlessly informed but must incur an expense to learn actual harm and thus what their damages payment will be under the more accurate legal regime, the social benefit of accuracy is less.
An unemployed worker receives a per period unemployment compensation, b, and costlessly searches for a job.
In the event of false negatives, the seller can costlessly enforce the
We interpret this as evidence that individual investors cannot costlessly avoid dividend taxation, and that they are the marginal investors in dividendpaying stocks after these events.
Both models stress the importance of 'transparency,' which ultimately means the probability that voters learn the incumbent's characteristics costlessly, that is, independent of signalling.
In a financial market with frictions, though, investors cannot costlessly adjust their holdings.
Of course, if C could costlessly obtain the information, and O did not spend any money on protection, then O might not have the incentive to produce the information in the first place.
Second, ECNs permit the number of traders, the size of trades, or the asset to vary costlessly.
142) In their analysis, Bankman and Fried assume an ideal income tax, with full loss offsets, stable investment prices, and the ability to increase portfolio risk nearly costlessly.
More fundamentally, the optimization paradigm ignores entrepreneurial consumers' alertness to these opportunities to costlessly improve the satisfaction of their wants.
If one had been able to costlessly short Palm and buy 3Com, one could have made very substantial returns.
Instead, Coase argued, "when the parties affected by externalities can negotiate costlessly with one another, an efficient outcome results no matter how the law assigns responsibility for damages.