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Because of its costliness, people rarely engage in extensive calculation and analysis.
Another article in the Boston Globe on October 26, written by Jackie MacMullan, focused on the costliness of Bill Buckner's error at first base.
Love's costliness makes it easy to get distracted with less dangerous relationships that fit nicely in the patterns dictated by our consumer-oriented society.
For the "high quality", large stores, the equilibrium number of firms in the market is a function of the size of the market, investment costs, and the relative costliness of investing in quality to satisfy quality-valuing consumers.
Throughout his career, James continually returned to the telegram because this medium provided a material form of communication that generated a cryptic, condensed style tied to the costliness of transmission that often occasioned public consumption and collaborative reading.
Tammany Parish Hospital in Covington, La., said that Medicare currently reimburses him and other hospitalists in his area $186.19 for a CPT code 99223 (level 3, initial admission), regardless of the quality and costliness of the care they provide.
The costliness of citizen demands is not a straightforward function of the economic benefits sought.
Regarding the significance of simultaneous information of suction, moisture, and hydraulic conductivity in many issues of water and soil and also with respect to costliness and time--consuming of conducting laboratory measurements for estimating soil moisture curve, it is observed that the results of this research properly revealed that it is possible to estimate moisture curve indirectly with a good approximation by measuring unsaturated hydraulic conductivity using tension disc infiltrometer through RETC Software.
As South Sudan relies on oil revenues for 90 per cent of its economy, the prohibitive costliness and time-consuming nature of constructing an alternative pipeline through neighbouring Kenya to the coast at Lamu, the stalemate is unlikely to be tenable for long.
Over the course of his career, Cain says, he began to recognize the costliness of government regulations on the restaurant industry.
The complexity and costliness of scheduling training and seeking out adequate drug supplies has taken its toll on first responders and emergency room staff throughout the Bay State.
Agriculture and horticulture in the area suffer from problems such as low per-acre yield, outdated farming techniques, non-availability and costliness of inputs, etc, to name a few years of militancy and last years floods have almost destroyed entirely the crop pattern and produce.