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Because of its costliness, people rarely engage in extensive calculation and analysis.
James draws on the telegraphic medium's crucial ties to costliness, formal compression, and publicity to explore the boundaries between the private and the public, the internal and the external, the ambiguous and the certain, and the clipped and the expansive.
Moreover, what he saw in the Aeneid was not only the grim depiction of war and death, and not only the idea of Rome as bringer of civilization and peace (supposedly, anyway), but the theme of the "immense costliness of a vocation with the complete conviction that it is worth it" (11, quoted from a letter to Dorothy L.
If, on the other hand, the optimal level of bureaucratic insulation in the baseline case is relatively high, than increasing the costliness of presidential control efforts to the voter will push optimal bureaucratic insulation even higher.
The potential disadvantage of the new approach may be the relative costliness of massively parallel sequencing and the relative complexity of the subsequent bioinformatics analysis compared with conventional PCR-based detection strategies.
Despite industry concerns over their scarcity and costliness, recycling rates for certain metals which are essential for high technology are as low as 1%.
However, some changes were made in the draft plan by authorities due to its costliness, and the new plan was carried out and accomplished, aiming to generate electricity from the body's heat by using such fabrics.
Their campaigns combine the costliness of modern expeditions with the carnage of barbaric invasions.
The costliness of free shipping means many retailers offers come with strings attached.
Something of the costliness of living by God's truth is attested in today's second reading.
This bulletin discusses what accounts for the staff growth and the costliness of smaller class sizes.