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And last week he won final legislative approval of a ballot measure that seeks to avert costly development wars by making it easier for cities to reach agreement on sharing tax revenues.
Speeds Project Construction, Decreases Project Risk and Costly Rework
Battery back-up also helps prevent other costly problems.
But those changes would make it too costly for WellPoint to run the program profitably, the Woodland Hills-based company said.
Owners, buyers, lessors and prospective tenants of commercial property can go a long way in avoiding disputes and costly litigation with real estate brokers by taking a simple precaution - memorialize any agreement or understanding with the broker by putting it in writing.
However, it has provided property owners with far less protection in practice than its wording appears to guarantee, in large part because defending those rights has become extraordinarily costly.
By combining these two innovative technologies, SEPATON S2100[R]-ES2 virtual tape library (VTL) and Signiant Mobilize(TM) for Remote Data Protection (RDP), customers can utilize a single, cost-effective, scalable system to centrally manage and protect enterprise-wide data, and eliminate costly, manual and error-prone remote-site data management practices.
In fact, employers who try to help their employees by agreeing to flexible schedules, without going through a costly and cumbersome voting process, are breaking the law and exposing the business to the possibility of hefty penalties.
Generally in a litigation, if the facts are in dispute, a trial is required, but the case can be tried only after an often lengthy and costly process of pleading, discovery, motion practice and waiting for the case to rise to the top of the court's trial docket.
It is a costly system that grants windfall settlements to some and the bare minimum - or even nothing - to others.