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Through the bouts of rain and sun, the fete ushers in majorette troupes and the elaborately costumed Moko Jumbies, who make their way through the crowd on stilts.
Kids will enjoy face painting, a costume contest, and costumed parade, and parents will appreciate this safe opportunity for trick-or-treating amongst the zoo animals (Oct.
Beware of accessories that might tangle or choke the animal and never leave a costumed pet alone.
Take a photo of the costumed entrant(s), choose the appropriate category, and send the entry form and photograph to Barq's by Nov.
The venue complements the elite group of professional dancers and performers in tandem with all the guests costumed in Pimp'n Ho attire.
The elaborately costumed show will be staged at 7:30 p.
31 featuring a tableside magician, a psychic, costumed servers and other ghostly surroundings.
So that means more costumed characters ringing doorbells and vying for treats.
For John Allgaier, being a costumed performer isn't just a job - it's a state of mind.