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Through the bouts of rain and sun, the fete ushers in majorette troupes and the elaborately costumed Moko Jumbies, who make their way through the crowd on stilts.
The figure on the left is costumed as a scudiero, a ducal attendant, while the costume of the remaining figure resembles Franco's representation of the Canciliergrande (the representative of the citizen class) from the third state of the map.
Beware of accessories that might tangle or choke the animal and never leave a costumed pet alone.
31 featuring a tableside magician, a psychic, costumed servers and other ghostly surroundings.
So that means more costumed characters ringing doorbells and vying for treats.
For John Allgaier, being a costumed performer isn't just a job - it's a state of mind.
Playing dress-up is so neat,'' said Reel Props' bladesmith Jody Samson, who'll attend faires this year costumed as a dashing highwayman.
And besides Punsalan and Swallow, the company costumed national champion and world silver medalist Todd Eldredge in a sleekly tailored black unitard for his long program - which makes these skaters exceptions to the rule at the competitions in South Philadelphia.