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COTTAGE, estates. A small dwelling house. See 1 Tho. Co. Litt. 216; Sheph. Touchst. 94; 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1571, note.
     2. The grant of a cottage, it is said, passes a small dwelling-house, which has no land belonging to it. Shep. To. 94.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Church members prayed that the cot would never be needed.
The sole purpose of the COT assessment rolling windows is to monitor the level of therapy services provided and to adjust the billable RUG as frequently as weekly so that the Medicare Part A claim accurately reflects the current services.
PS169.95, SILVER CROSS POSTURESTART COT MATTRESS WITH a reversible design providing a firmer sleep side for infants 0-18 months and a softer sleep side for children from 18 months, this standard cot and cot bed-size mattress actively responds to a child's changing shape and is twin-skinned, with a waterproof inner and a washable outer cover that incorporates a moisture and temperature management system.
"There was no warning on the cot bumper and nobody told us about any dangers.
Doctors in America recently warned against cot bumpers and some states have banned them.
If you're looking for a classic cot bed, this is suitable from birth, when it can be used as a cot with fixed sides and the mattress positioned at one of three heights.
"My eureka moment was when I bought cot bumpers to seemingly protect Evie as she moved around in her cot, but on reading the small print on the packaging there was a warning saying they shouldn't be used once your baby can sit up and is more active as there is a danger of suffocation.
The Bridgend-based business had been working with COT Solutions since December 2010 when the firm approached it for help with setting up and using in-house book-keeping systems.
of Shigella isolates 2000-2001 2001-2002 (n/N = 24/550) (n/N = 9/106) AMP 12 - CoT - - TET - - AMP, CoT 9 1 TET, CoT - - CoT, NAL - - TET, NAL - - AMP, TET, CoT - - AMP, CoT, CHL - - TET, CoT, CHL - - AMP, CHL, NAL - - TET, CoT, NAL - - AMP, CoT, NAL 3 5 AMP, TET, CoT, CHL - - AMP, CoT, CHL, NAL - 1 AMP, TET, CoT, NAL - 1 AMP, CoT, NIT, NAL - 1 TET, CoT, CHL, NAL - - AMP, CoT, NAL, NOR - - AMP, TET, CoT, NIT, NAL - - AMP, TET, CoT, CHL, NAL, NOR - - AMP, TET, CoT, CHL, NAL, NOR, CIP - - AMP, TET, CoT, CHL, NAL, NOR, CIP, - - OFX, GAT Year-wise no.
To investigate a possible link between cot death and socioeconomic deprivation, they compared these deaths with a control group at "high risk" - young, socially deprived mothers who smoked - as well as a randomly selected control group.