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Today clinical features are altered and cotemporary diagnostic criteria are defined by literature data, the existence and course of chronic otitis media are more important clinical characteristics of TOM than positive culture of mycobacterium.
Pits, his cotemporary said, "he was an able mathematician, and one of the most excellent vocal and instrumental musicians in England, but he chiefly delighted in the lute and lyre.
Shakespeare would have reveled in it and used the cotemporary material for another play
In keeping with it cotemporary style, Mickledale is fitted with state of the art intelligent building technologies.
Dr Husain along with other Indo-Pakistani historians believed that history books written during the British period such as those by Sir Henry Elliot grossly misrepresented and twisted facts and this with a view of course to advancing cotemporary British interests.
Gray, Strategy in the Cotemporary World, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2003, s.
Positioning the Material Past in Cotemporary Societies.
35) While Tradiciones y leyendas mexicanas was not published until 1922, it is clear that Riva Palacio either published the tale of La Mulata in a work unknown to cotemporary scholars, or at the very least, shared it with his contemporaries since Gonzalez Obregon directly quotes a stanza in his own 1891 publication, Mexico viejo.
Every morning and late evening our apartments are full of a sewage aroma -- rendering the air unbreathable," said a tenant of building 109 in the Cotemporary area, who did not want to be named.
Perhaps she will eventually return, maybe when she becomes a "legal" adult, and inhabit Ama's house, taking her place as a symbol of syncretic existence in a cotemporary space.