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These decisions hold that the paying cotenant should be credited for 50 percent of the reimbursable household expenses from the other cotenant's household expenses that he or she did not pay upon partition and sale.
1952) (taking the position that the fiduciary principle should be inapplicable when one cotenant purchases at the foreclosure sale of a mortgage on the entire property).
In this case, one cotenant acquires the interests of the other cotenants based on a court ordered and supervised appraisal.
In theory, but not in practice, the law of waste might penalize a cotenant for overuse, such as clear-cutting timber from property today if the timber would be more valuable in later years.
28) In fact, the court concluded that it was "perfectly reasonable to expect that a cotenant who is actually receiving the benefit of living on a property should be the one who foots the bill for reasonable expenditures associated with the property.
Ninth Circuit declared the sovereign cotenant duty in a treaty fishing
19) In addition, if certain requirements are met, the cotenants can make an election, commonly called the Sec.
Only four of the other cotenants responded to the complaint, all in disagreement over Myhand's proposed actions.
Formally, no cotenant unilaterally controls the asset.
216) Each cotenant has the authority to give consent.
As a result, many football teams no longer needed to share stadiums with a baseball cotenant and received their own stadiums as well.
Each cotenant in common has the right to access to the property.