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Thus, the rule according to which each co-habitant may consent to search assumes that usually it is each co-tenant to himself, regardless of the other cotenants.
Each cotenant has a right of contribution for the costs of owning the property.
64) As for the government's argument that Randolph was distinguishable because Murphy and Roper were not both physically present when consent was sought, the circuit court held "when a cotenant objects to a search and another party with common authority subsequently gives consent to that search in the absence of the first cotenant the search is invalid as to the objecting cotenant.
In this case, one cotenant acquires the interests of the other cotenants based on a court ordered and supervised appraisal.
g) Finally, since incumbent users may not be well motivated to expand capacity, the cotenants cannot prevent the entry of new investors who invest in line capacity expansion, and acquire rights to the consequent increase in nodal rights to inject (or withdraw) power.
115) No change to the default rules could accommodate these rich variations in cotenant preferences.
Fourth, all closing documents, books, records, and tax returns should reflect ownership by cotenants and a disposition of the property by the partnership to the cotenant long before any exchange transaction involving the property occurs.
22) If one cotenant pays for 100 percent of an obligation for which the joint owners are liable, he or she is entitled to have the other cotenant reimburse his or her proportionate share of the expenses.
1993); Evelyn Alicia Lewis, Struggling with Quicksand: The Ins and Outs of Cotenant Possession Value Liability and a Call for Default Rule Reform, 1994 WIS.
24) The court, considering Fred's adverse possession claim, then stated that the possession of a cotenant "becomes adverse on unmistakable repudiation of the owner's right by the possessor and notice thereof to the owner.
and foreign nations as cotenant trustees vis-a-vis one another with