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This coterie has developed the knack of sensing what Uddhav is about to say and join him.
Idea Coterie promotes entrepreneurial endeavors to drive economic development and small business.
An elementary permutation of the coterie is performed to obtain a new less loaded coterie.
She also discusses Mary Shelley's relationship with Maria Reveley-Gisborne, her novels, letters, the Clairmont family papers, and compares this kinship coterie to that of the Bronte sisters.
The Orange revolt was touched off by suspicions that Yanukovych's coterie had tampered with the vote and tried to poison Yanukovych's pro-western rival, current President Viktor Yushchenko.
As for the would-be conquerors--a strange coterie of bedfellows who include Islamofascism, communism, socialism and secularism--they have one thing in common: all are enemies of Christ.
Timothy Leary, including his accomplishments and influence with an active coterie of students, teachers, and artists during the freewheeling decade of the 1960's.
She has a coterie of close friends and a medical student boyfriend who wants to marry her.
With an eye toward showcasing a coterie of promising writers-several with ties to the Guild--Banks is unerring.
Deloitte provided an impressive coterie of speakers, including Rich Heller of its National Solutions Group (Section 199); Sean Dineen, Joel Eisenreich, and Chuong Pham from the New York and Parsippany offices (Executive Compensation); Kevin O'Brien and Norm Lobins (Multi-State Tax Opportunities), Norm Lobins (NJ & NE State Tax Update), Aydin Hayri from Washington National Tax (Transfer Pricing), and Tom J.