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Here the postcolonial form of narration enacts a crucial intervention: Rushdie's fragmented, chaotic presentation is not the mark of the migrant's trauma alone but coterminously an effective deterritorialization of the colonial totalization of space, a complex interweaving of secret spaces undermining the projected simplicity of colonial architectural construction.
The Ecclesiastical Province of Oregon came into existence coterminously with this settlement, partly as a result of Francis Norbert Blanchet's arguing the need for bishops close by on the ground so that the church in the Oregon Country would not suffer the fate the church in California suffered when Mexico took over from Spain and later the U.
Both normal and abnormal aspects of her femininity are revealed simultaneously as the novel advances the sentimental plot coterminously with the medical.
The tattoo industry developed coterminously with the rise in the networks of military bases which spread across the country.
Graduated from West Point in 1990 in the same class with Solbert and a year after Lee, for some years Dawley's career moved along more or less coterminously with that of the other two officers.
Black double-consciousness then updates, and for Morrison emerges coterminously with and is indissociable from, what Emerson and Melville perceived as a "truncated society" of the walking wounded; their 19th-century works are populated by amputees whose physical wounds reflect a fragmented American self well before any Modernists had disconnected pen from paper.
So he sought to found his theory on the most basic element, Ton--a term notoriously difficult to translate into English, covering as it does pitch, note, tone, among others, but not coterminously with the English terms.
A new 6-Yr Exclusive Dealer Agreement, the first half of which runs coterminously with the amended and renewed Distribution Agreement, then continuing for 3-years thereafter;
32) In 1941, during the period of mass migration of African-Americans into the state's urban centers, (33) the general assembly passed an act setting school district lines coterminously with town borders.
The newcomers to Boston assimilated into the mercantile elite coterminously with the religious shift that turned many Federalist-era churches to Unitarianism.
30, 1994 and run coterminously with the life of the bonds.
The 30-year HAP contract was executed in 1982, and runs coterminously with the life of the bonds.