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The result, Zimmermann said, is a positive locking cotter pin that users can easily understand how to insert and remove.
Recommend that the cotter pin be installed pointing toward the left side of the prop control arm to avoid contact with feathering detent spring.
To correct the problems the A&I/TZ requires replacement of the Westinghouse circuit breakers (part number ETN-1071) with SPD breakers (part number M24175-5-011), installation of plastic insulating bushings (NSN 9G 5970-01-094-1582) around the metal cotter pins installation of plastic thumbscrews (NSN 9G 5970-01-094-3317), and a WARNING plate (see below).
The wrong way to remove the blade pin is to use channel lock pliers or diagonal wire cutters to extract the cotter pin.
4 of TM 9-2355-318-23-3 on how to remove the C-clip, Item 9, and the latch pin, Item 10, and how to replace them with retrofit latch and cotter pins.
Prevent that damage by making sure the retaining nut and cotter pin are installed on the outside of the shackle, facing away from the ramp.
Part PN NSN Bracket assembly 12379841 2590-01-473-2719 Ring spacer 12379846-1 5365-01-473-0415 Ring spacer 12379846-2 5365-01-473-0409 Connecting link 12379847 3040-01-472-7745 (M939A1 kit only) Connecting link 12379848 3040-01-472-7747 (M939A2 kit only) Straight pin MS20392-7C113 5315-00-904-1634 Cotter pin MS24665-287 5315-00-011-9120 Cotter pin MS24665-355 5315-00-012-0123 Plain hex nut (2) MS35691-38 5310-00-891-1733 Straight pin MS35810-6 5315-00-140-1938 Rod end clevis MS35812-11 5340-00-664-7597 Machine bolt (2) B1821BH050C150L 5306-01-123-0891
The power cable reel has a cotter pin to keep the reel's hub bolt tight.
8 For Bolt, Is 3063 For Spring Washer And Is 2232 For Slotted Nut And Is 549 For Split Cotter Pin.