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When she had finished Tario was sitting upon the edge of his couch, his feet upon the floor.
Then the Tin Woodman and the Woggle-Bug bore him gently to the couch, placed him upon the soft cushions, and drew the gossamer hangings to shut him from all earthly view.
The man wormed to the edge of the couch, and slipped off to the floor on his knees.
It was useless--her strength was gone; she caught at the head of the couch to support herself.
He rose from the couch and left the chamber, while Alleyne could hear his feet sounding upon the winding stair.
These things attended to, and the hangings draped once more about the couch that they might hide the gruesome thing beneath, the girl once more threw her arms about the Englishman's neck and dragged him toward the soft and luxurious pillows above the dead man.
She came near his couch and said, "Are you better to-day, my dear slave?
He gathered himself for the rush--and then there broke from the thing upon the couch an awful shriek, and O-Tar sank senseless to the floor.
Dona Rita tapped the couch engagingly by her side but I sat down instead in the armchair nearly opposite her, which, I imagine, must have been just vacated by Blunt.
She was finishing her last prayer: "Can it be that this couch will be my grave?
She lay on a couch covered with purple silk, under draperies of green velvet to keep her warm.
On a couch opposite sat a man, half undressed for bed, reading a book.