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John Simpson, chief editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, said the term couch potato was first included in 1993.
The Couch Potato Poll, sponsored by DuPont Dacron Fiberfill, was designed to determine consumer couch/sofa habits and identify individual purchasing preferences.
However, PGC-1-deficient couch potato mice were not obese and still respond normally to insulin - meaning they are not at risk for developing diabetes despite their sedentary lifestyles and mitochondrial problems.
The average annual spend per household on couch potato snacks has increased from pounds 272.
Robert Adler, who designed the couch potato device with the help of engineer Eugene Polley, died of heart failure on Thursday.
Rules for the couch potato honor, as stipulated by Guinness, allow for a five-minute break every hour and a 15-minute break every eight hours.
With the big sun-roof opened up and music at your fin-gertips, Subaru's Outback is designed to make you forget all about your couch potato ways.
A protest from furniture makers on the basis that couch potato suggests using a couch is bad for you?
Pythons, which are basically couch potato hunters, provide an extreme example because they find a likely spot and wait for dinner to saunter by.
He said: "I like to think of myself as a couch potato.
From sci-fi stuff to lots of laughs to reality shows with a twist, it's couch potato heaven.
Vegas and his knitted ape earned cult status as couch potato flatmates in adverts for the ITV digital service.