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At the time, Coucher was urged to waive the windfall but the plea fell on deaf ears.
Mr Coucher, 49, stood down last year for "personal reasons" as head of Network Rail, which gets pounds 3.
Mr Coucher has property in Scotland and, before yesterday's meeting, members of the rail union TSSA donned Highland gear and, to the sound of bagpipes, staged a noisy and colourful anti-bonus protest outside the annual meeting venue in Manchester.
Controversial Coucher, who leaves his post in October, is the highest-paid public sector manager in Britain.
NR's chairman Rick Haythornwaite said Mr Coucher had been an "outstanding leader", adding that the railways had been "transformed" during his time at the company.
Keating posed for pictures with the car's owner, Jonathan Turner, who will be sharing the driving on the journey to Venice with Robert Coucher, editor of Octane magazine, which has organised the race.
The call from Network Rail chief executive Iain Coucher came as his company revealed worrying numbers of level crossing incidents involving road users last year - a total of 3,242, including 13 deaths.
NR chief executive Iain Coucher said: "We stand at an exceptional moment in Britain's transport history.
Chief executive Iain Coucher has said he will forego any annual bonus this year, but he is still eligible for the incentive scheme bonus.
Network Rail boss Iain Coucher said: "With the popularity of rail growing, we have to start planning for the medium and long-term future today.
Track operator Network Rail - whose taxpayer-funded boss Iain Coucher earned over pounds 500,000 last year - blamed "engineering over-runs" for the shambles.
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