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COUCHANT. Lying down. Animals are said to have been levant and couchant, when they have been upon another person's land, damage feasant, one night at least. 3 Bl. Com. 9.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Le fait de ne pas suffisamment espacer les repas du coucher (diner et shour) va en plus reveiller le reflux gastro-oesophagien chez la majorite.
La consommation des boissons varie aussi et lors du ramadhan, des jus de caroube, tamarin et d'abricot sont trUuA s prisUu[c]s aprUuA s le coucher du soleil.
In 2008, Coucher's Network rail received pounds 4bn of the pounds 5bn handed to the private rail operators.
At the time, Coucher was urged to waive the windfall but the plea fell on deaf ears.
RAIL boss Iain Coucher has been given a staggering pounds 1million pay-off from taxpayer-funded Network Rail, it was revealed yesterday.
The performance-related bonuses, which amounted to 2.25 million [pounds sterling] for top directors, included 641,000 [pounds sterling] for chief executive Iain Coucher, who is on a salary of 613,000 [pounds sterling].
The performance-related bonuses, which amounted in total to pounds 2.25m for top directors, included pounds 641,000 for chief executive Iain Coucher, who is on a salary of pounds 613,000.
Network Rail chief executive Iain Coucher snapped up the 173-acre Keillmore estate , which lies near Lochgilphead, Argyll, and has dubbed it "Iainland".
But even more amazing that Notwork Rail - wholly funded by the taxpayer - is still paying its top bosses, including recently resigned chief executive Ian Coucher, a total of pounds 2.25m in annual bonuses.
Iain Coucher, 48, who has been at the rail infrastructure firm for eight years, will remain in his post over the coming months and will be involved in the search for his successor.
Keating posed for pictures with the car's owner, Jonathan Turner, who will be sharing the driving on the journey to Venice with Robert Coucher, editor of Octane magazine, which has organised the race.
The call from Network Rail chief executive Iain Coucher came as his company revealed worrying numbers of level crossing incidents involving road users last year - a total of 3,242, including 13 deaths.