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Antitussive agents suppress the cough reflex peripherally by suppressing the stimulation of sensory neurons in the airways or centrally at the level of the cough center in the nucleus tractus solitarius and its integrating network (Reynolds et al.
Anatomical studies have indicated that the middle ramus of the internal branches of the superior laryngeal nerve supplies the mucosa of the vestibule of the larynx and specifically the quadrangular membrane most likely conveys the afferent stimulus for the cough reflex [15].
Children are particularly in trouble because adult smokers are known to have a less sensitive cough reflex.
The Monell research team conducted the current study to ask if the cough reflex of children and adolescents who are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke is affected in a similar fashion.
Females demonstrate a higher cough reflex sensitivity than do males, and the condition is driven by several additional originating factors that range from ACE inhibitor use to chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis.
As these patients are conscious, the cough reflex is stimulated when the suction catheter is put down the tube and so the secretions are brought in by the cough from the periphery of the lung.
Sound analysis is potentially an observation of considerable importance, because it is a way in which we can classify and quantify the cough reflex which is one of the most common symptoms of respiratory diseases.
Flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing detected severe pharyngeal dysphagia and aspiration, as well as an intermittent cough reflex with all consistencies in the upright position.
The purpose of this retrospective study of aspiration and the lack of a protective cough reflex at the vocal folds (silent aspiration) was to increase the awareness of nursing staffs of the diagnostic pathology groups associated with silent aspiration.
Following lung transplantation, it is unclear whether functional recovery of the cough reflex occurs over time.
Mint "can also have a calming effect" on the irritated nerves that help produce the cough reflex, Anderson said.