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Based on the preliminary effects, further detail studies on the mechanism(s) of these finding is suggested as the cough reflex may be due to sensory limb, central control or efferent limb as indication of various pathological conditions.
7] Normal cough reflex may or may not exist within the range of 3-8 of Glasgow coma score.
It blocks the sensory nerves and halts the cough reflex.
An earlier study at the National Heart and Lung Institute showed that theobromine appears to block the action of the sensory nerves, which in turn halts the cough reflex.
FP01, is a formulation of memantine hydrochloride, and the patent protects the composition of a lozenge that has a dual action mechanism, delivering both an immediate local soothing effect and accelerated absorption of memantine, centrally inhibiting the cough reflex.
The protective mechanisms of the larynx and cough reflex prevent the entry of foreign bodies into the trachea.
Frequently those comorbidities weaken protective physiological mechanisms, such as the cough reflex," Dr.
The cough reflex is an important defense mechanism for the respiratory tract.
Second- hand smoke can make the cough reflex of kids insensitive, making them less capable of facing environmental threats such as chemicals and dust.
Adult smokers are known to have a less sensitive cough reflex relative to non-smokers, meaning that it takes more irritation to elicit a cough in the smokers.
This might be fine when a tickly throat keeps you awake at night, but when you need a cough reflex to get rid of gunk, it is counter-productive.
In addition, the elderly tend to have comorbid conditions which increase their susceptibility to infection, while many body protective mechanisms, such as mucosal barriers to infectious agents, and the cough reflex, may be diminished by aging.