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And Jim Farrell (Domhnall Gleeson), one of those rugby-club guys she couldn't abide before, turns out to be a decent fella, noticing in her an aspect of her personality that Tony doesn't see.
They couldn't abide beards, women with "too much make-up" - they would decide what was too much - and body piercings.
She couldn't abide my willingness to allow everything on my plate - and everything in my life - to be mixed together to be enjoyed all at once.
John Craven - surely not looking for any cheap laughs - said he couldn't abide marrows, claiming they serve no useful purpose.
Her husband was well off and she didn't need to work, but she couldn't abide not to so she volunteered to work for free," Andreou said.
They split up because Paul couldn't abide by my acting thing.
Now I've confessed to that, here's another one - I couldn't abide We Will Rock You either.
That same constituency might have forgiven support of gay marriage from a more secular Jew like Weiner, but they couldn't abide someone who they perceived as selling out the faith.
On the day of her death, at 3am, Murray, her live in companion had an uneasy feeling that something was wrong and went to check on Marilyn - she found the bedroom door locked, light on and the telephone cord under the door, all of which were highly unusual (after the psychiatric clinic, she couldn't abide being locked in).
One object I also couldn't abide was a book on skin diseases, given to me for my medical collection.
One critic who couldn't abide the movie's detours into romance was The Nation's James Agee: "This is probably the most deadly-accurate picture that will ever be made of what war looks like through the lenses of a housewives'-magazine romance.
He wanted the best for people and he couldn't abide injustice, whether in this country or anywhere else.

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