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Simon, sounding like Michael Howard telling voters why the NHS would be in safe hands with the Tories, couldn't wait to tell the contestants that Amstrad offers value for money in the mass market.
She couldn't wait for a correction, and then she'd immediately apply it," Hoover says.
When our son came up for the weekend, I couldn't wait to show him the pictures.
Something terrible had happened at school that day, and she couldn't wait for me to come home.
Wright has played under numerous top bosses, including Frank Clark and Kevin Keegan, and the ex-Newcastle and Manchester City star said: "I couldn't wait to get into management, it is something I have always wanted to do, even from when I was still playing in England.
The medical device failed; people couldn't wait not to buy it.
from left) little Harriet Hrafnsson giggles after receiving her Wonderkid medal, Theo Hayeck plays with a paper plane at his party table, Adikah Batool enjoys the special day and David Jones who is unable to play in daylight because of a rare allergy couldn't wait to ride on the fun fair
I couldn't wait for next month's issues of "Popular Science" and "Popular Mechanics" to show up in our mail box.
All nurses have heard people remark that they just couldn't wait to get out of the hospital because it was so lonely and "medicinal.
Biologists couldn't wait to use the structure to expand their biological paint boxes-for example, by changing the amino acids in or near the fluorophore.
His expression and posture betray fragile patience buckling under mounting curiosity, as if he were posing for a snapshot in his first Halloween costume, and couldn't wait to see the shocking phantasm he'd been made up to look like.

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