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A legislative body of local government. A group of persons who, whether elected or appointed, serve as representatives of the public to establish state or municipal policies and to assist the chief executive of the government unit in the performance of duties.


(Assembly), noun advisory board, board, committee, conclave, conference, forum, judicature, palaver, parley, parliament, synod, tribunal


(Consultant), noun advocate, counselor
See also: bench, board, cabal, caucus

COUNCIL, legislation. This word signifies an assembly.
     2. It was used among the Romans to express the meeting of only a part of the people, and that the most respectable, in opposition to the assemblies of the whole people.
     3. It is now usually applied to the legislative bodies of cities and boroughs.
     4. In some states, as in Massachusetts, a body of men called the council, are elected, whose duties are to advise the governor in the executive part of the government. Const. of Mass. part 2, c. 2, s. 3, art. 1 and 2. See 14 Mass. 470; 3 Pick. 517; 4 Pick. 25 19 John. R. 58. In England, the king's council are the king's judges of his courts of justice. 3 Inst. 125; 1 Bl. Com. 229.

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12 for the General Councillor seat PML-N candidate Muhammad Saleem won by getting 402 votes while PTI candidate Emanuel Qamar got 78 votes.
The Minister for Local Government will also receive new powers, including the option to recommend to the Governor in Council that a councillor be stood down from their role as councillor if: the councillor has been accused of serious or gross misconduct and a panel or VCAT hearing is pending, the councillor s behaviour represents a threat to health and safety, is preventing council from performing its functions or is inconsistent with the role of councillor; and a municipal monitor recommends the Minister stand the councillor down.
This panel found that councillors should receive a rise to bring them into line with other local authorities.
IN response to C E omas and the reference to needing three councillors per ward (Letters, March 5).
We'd have too few councillors I WAS sorry to read Dave Mace's letter (Your Say, February 13) as I have had help from my local councillors in Sheldon ward.
And on the course the Mirfield councillor discovered safeguarding issues she and some of her fellow councillors were unaware of.
Similarly, the mayor of North Delhi Municipal Corporation and sitting councillor from Karol Bagh Chandolia will be contesting from his seat.
In my time as a recent councillor I worked at least the equivalent of three days a week and never claimed expenses for work within the borough.
Section 352, for example, clearly states that 'A member of staff of a council is not subject to direction by the council or by a councillor as to the content of any advice or recommendation made by the member'.
Councillor Kazapua also added at the inauguration that the establishment of a Junior Council on the structure of the City of Windhoek was a deliberate decision aimed at instilling leadership and civic responsibility in the younger generation and that it is also in line with the motto that they have adopted 'Catch them Young'.
The District Councillors report to the Executive Councillor on a quarterly basis and then provide a yearly report on each state society.
In Pembrokeshire one councillor was referred to the courts over an unpaid bill of PS241.

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