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Last year Councilman Greig Smith spent the interest from the original fund -- $137,000 -- on a study on alternatives to landfills.
The councilman said turning down the landmark status for the Antonin Dvorak House, which the council did, was a "responsible" decision.
City Councilman Mike Feuer and West Hollywood City Councilwoman Abbe Land, are politically similar, reflecting the liberal values of their district and its outgoing assemblyman, Paul Koretz.
But nowhere did residents embrace the program as they did in Councilman Bill Rosendahl's Westside district, where 137 homeowners bought in.
Glendale City Councilman Ara Najarian, who won the 2005 race, said he is suspending judgment on whatever Weaver might have done.
Councilman Dennis Zine, a retired police sergeant, questioned why the council was putting so much effort into legal wranglings over releasing a document that the Daily News and some other media obtained last week.
Alex called me up and said he had two tickets he couldn't use and he knew I wanted to go, so he gave them to me,'' Councilman Dennis Zine said during an hourlong council tribute to Padilla.
Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, a former councilman who served for years with Bernardi, also considered him a father figure.
The councilman is going away with his wife,'' said Mitch Englander, spokesman for Smith.
Councilman Richard Loa earlier said he won't run for re-election because he is moving to Sacramento for his job as assistant to the director of the state's Housing and Community Development Department in the Schwarzenegger administration.
When it comes to chutzpah, few local politicians carried it in bigger supply than longtime former Los Angeles City Councilman Nate Holden.