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Mark Rotenbergstepped down as general counsel of the University of Minnesota after 20 years on the job.
Michelle Davies was named general counsel of Foster Wheeler AG after serving as acting general counsel since 2010.
The second asset in the triple threat trial counsel portfolio is that of diplomacy.
The Office of Chief Counsel requested comments on the new procedures by taxpayers and practitioners, and accordingly stated that the procedures will not become effective until the annual revenue procedure dealing with such guidance is revised and issued at the end of 2006.
In general, when an insurance company retains defense counsel to represent a policyholder pursuant to the insurer's duty to defend, defense counsel's primary allegiance is to the insured.
The failure to delineate the different parts of the exchange with counsel may jeopardize privilege protection for the entire exchange.
On October 15, 2004, Respondent through counsel filed an answer to the original Notice ("Answer"), along with a timely request for a hearing on the civil money penalty.
The 1836 Prisoners' Counsel Act was an important landmark in the progression of the criminal trial, as it gave the accused access to all depositions and a copy of the indictment sworn against them, recognized the defendant's right to have legal counsel, and perhaps most importantly, permitted that counsel to address the jury on behalf of his client.
As the Tax Court noted, under the ADEA the prevailing plaintiff, not his or her counsel, is entitled to attorneys' fees.
County Bar, denial of the right to counsel occurs "whenever we take clients."
Thus, once a criminal case has been initiated, (5) a defendant has a right to the assistance of counsel at all critical stages (6) of that prosecution.
On this type of issue, local counsel can serve a particularly valuable function in advising foreign creditors on how the local insolvency laws are actually applied in practice.