counsel against

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My father, a wise and grave man, gave me serious and excellent counsel against what he foresaw was my design.
Moreover, the court rejected the objections of Nehal Hashmi's counsel against bench and also overturned his request of establishing larger bench.
The fact that gun violence has been declining for decades should counsel against fatalism.
As Vice Chair of the House Committee on Banks and Financial Intermediaries, I counsel against the interest of the Landbank of the Philippines in acquiring a majority, controlling stake in the Philippine Dealing System because of the significant potential for conflict of interest and unwarranted government and political intervention in the foreign exchange market," Ong said.
But soon after, a petition was filed in the LHC by Professor Dr Zafar Iqbal Randhawa through his counsel against the alleged illegalities being committed in the appointment process.
ISLAMABAD -- The Accountability Court Islamabad Thursday turned down a plea of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif's counsel against inclusion of documents provided by a prosecution witness in the court.
So, they must weigh the benefits of getting an opinion of counsel against the potential impact an opinion of counsel may have on the attorney-client privilege.
Speaking from personal experience, I strongly counsel against this career move.
The violators get relief from the courts as the ministry was not so far allowed to hire a counsel against them, she added.
Here we have a very well-meaning, humane, lady from Bahrain Strays, doing what generals counsel against, "don't divide your forces.
The Third DCA had found the Florida rules inadequate and said the federal approach that "balances a party's right to select his or her own counsel against a client's right to the undivided loyalty of his or her counsel" was a better standard in matters stemming from class action cases.
If you haven't seen last Sunday's zebra crossing prank yet, I am about to suggest something I would normally counsel against at all costs: Pay a visit to ITV Player.