counsel against

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My father, a wise and grave man, gave me serious and excellent counsel against what he foresaw was my design.
Having experienced heart problems during his time as manager of Liverpool, he accepts he may have to follow doctors' advice if they counsel against a return to the dugout but would have liked to continue at the midlands club when fit again.
Justice Raja Elango, who had heard the bail plea as well as the arguments of the Central Bureau of Investigation counsel against releasing Raju on bail, granted him conditional bail yesterday.
It would be ironic if the nonnative bug can reduce the growth and spread of knotweed because ecologists all around the world are concerned about non-native species damaging local ecosystems, and generally counsel against deliberately introducing them.
Although the authors entertain the possibility that the medication used might have been 'too little, too late' and that negative effects were not observed, they counsel against the prescription of these vitamins because they have shown them to be ineffective.
I would strongly counsel against the voting system for the Scottish Parliament being taken up anywhere else.
The military commanders who implemented the successful surge now counsel against hasty withdrawal, lest those gains be lost.
Generation will strongly counsel against purchase of unsuitable products with funds from any source including reverse mortgage proceeds.
The Foreign Office strengthened its travel advice to counsel against all but essential travel to the country.
Germany is, today, among the least aggressive countries in the world, as shown by its wise counsel against the Iraq War.
He said that he did not believe that the president had been given authority - either under the 9/11 war resolution or the Iraq war resolution - to attack Iran or Syria (and would counsel against it).
So when faced with a catastrophic loss, these alternative paths, and the potential costs to pursue them, must be weighed carefully by experienced counsel against the potential for a successful recovery.