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It is no longer good enough for school counselors to select programs, deliver individual interventions, and run groups based on what seems best or what their instincts tell them.
During this process, it is important for the counselor to question how the individual feels about their past decisions to determine if they are capable of separating their past choices from the values of their current choices (Hartung & Bluestein, 2002; Krieshok, 1998; Phillips, 1997).
Multicultural awareness may include awareness of salient demographic and background characteristics of clients' lives as well as of the counselor's.
It is important that the counselor help campers identify what is going well and what is working.
The strong multicultural component of the United States population has prompted the need for counselors to consider multicultural factors when communicating with their clients (Zhang & Dixon, 2001).
First, stress intervention by peer counselors can have a dramatic effect on the successful resolution of problems experienced by law enforcement officers.
A counselor doesn't counsel, per se, but listens and then calls in the parents and principal and possibly gets police or psychiatrists involved.
College admission officers, too, are equally surprised and discouraged when they discover how overloaded counselors in high schools are.
Rehabilitation counselors need to prepare students with disabilities for work while they are still in college.
This study explored the attitudes of first-year counselor education graduate students in relation to race and gender and also assessed the inclusiveness of their perceptions of diversity.
Of the adult readers who responded, B percent believed the counselor should explain the low risk of having another child with CF without mentioning the paternity issue.
Hopes for a swift end to the commercial real estate market downtown remain remote, with no recovery in sight for another three-to-five years, according to the annual member survey of the American Society of Real Estate Counselors, a specialized group of consultants who provide expert, independent real estate advice on property and land-related matters.

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