count against

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It could also count against Williams' international hopes, as under the RSA between the WRU and the regions, players who sign future deals with clubs outside of Wales will only be picked in exceptional circumstances.
We were very worried about the free count against us in the Wexford game, so we thought the best thing to do would be ask Cormac Reilly to come in and show us where were going wrong," said Carew.
The fact he's starting on Friday means we'll have to make first impressions count against him.
However, the ground is going to be on the soft side this evening, which will count against him and, as a result, I've got to favour Baddam to get the better of him in the match.
The toughest stance is taken by the financial services sector, where 77 per cent say mistakes count against an applicant.
Beckham discovered the force of a Duscher tackle when he broke his metatarsal in a Champions League game but Duscher told The SP: "I don't think what happened with Beckham will count against me.
Despite a heavy penalty count against them, West Park reached half time with a narrow 12-11 lead.
Di Canio will be 36 in the summer and still feels he could play on, but his return of only four goals for the Addicks could count against him.
In addition, Lieberman proposes changing the current law so that Pell grant eligibility will not count against a family's eligibility for tuition tax credits, allowing lower income families with some tax liability to also benefit from tax credits.
The value of this coverage does not count against key employees in the 25% concentration test.