count against

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Only residents who make a maximum of $10,000 qualify for the deduction under current law, but benefits can count against that limit if they exceed the recipient's maximum Social Security amount.
NA-81 Gujranwala PML-Ns Khurram Dastagir is leading the count against PTIs Chaudhry Muhammad Siddique with 15,055 votes.
It could also count against Williams' international hopes, as under the RSA between the WRU and the regions, players who sign future deals with clubs outside of Wales will only be picked in exceptional circumstances.
Redknapp fears not being 'foreign' may count against Sherwood, but what is against him is a complete lack of experience and a UEFA Pro Licence.
Ball wants to find the best team - with the 'old' team being given a chance - and that may count against him.
Google will store two (2) types of files to your Google Drive, and the newly-created files will not count against your storage limits.
These count against the child's school record, they count against the school's rankings.
ANDY Murray hopes the complexities of the round-robin system do not count against him as he bids for the semi-finals at the ATP World Tour Finals in London tonight.
There are still two wild cards for captain Jose Maria Olazabal to hand out next Monday, but one of those is surely ear-marked for Ian Poulter - and Lynn fears his lack of experience could count against him.
The RFU would like to make an appointment before the end of the Six Nations, which would seemingly count against Lancaster.
With tough tests against Bayern Munich and Villarreal to follow, Roberto Mancini will be eager to see his side make home advantage count against his compatriots, who finished third in Serie A last term.