count ballots

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At the meeting Tuesday, nine voting-rights activists urged the supervisors not to appoint Logan, saying he's not qualified for the job and charging that he mishandled votes and allowed the use of uncertified software to count ballots in the closest gubernatorial election in Washington state history.
A limited number of municipalities are planning to count ballots the following day.
Officials must direct voters to the correct potting place, help at potting places, be available to answer poll workers" questions about the many unusual situations that arise, count ballots, and report results to the media.
Almost all counties in Oregon, including Lane, count ballots using the same type of optical scanners that also generate a paper trail for each vote.
Minutes from board meetings across the State of Ohio reflect the boards' frustration with their inability under Ohio law to count ballots cast incorrectly through no fault of the voters.
The decision not to count overnight may have been motivated by good intentions, and at one stage it was unclear when other councils would count ballots.
TOTTING UP Afghan election workers count ballots at a mosque that was used as a polling station in Kabul.
Relatives of candidates insisted to count ballots, which is against the policy of Comelec," said Alma Laquian, of the Rosauro Almario Elementary School in Tondo.
The violence comes as electoral authorities count ballots from last week's election.
Polling station officials count ballots in Cairo on May 28, 2014 at the end of voting in the presidential election.
The Central Election Commission should focus on organization of elections, deliver and count ballots, organize voting and proper tabulation of votes, while the function of making voter lists always caused difficulties," Daniyar Narymbayev stated.