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rig count for September 2016 was 509, up 28 from the 481 counted in August 2016, and down 339 from the 848 counted in September 2015.
In conjunction, the worldwide rig count for January 2017 was 1,918, an escalation of 146 from the 1,772 counted in December 2016 and 27 from the 1,891 counted in January 2016, respectively.
rig count for April 2016 was 437, down 41 from the 478 counted in March 2016 , and down 539 from the 976 counted in April 2015.
The average US rig count for December 2016 was 634, an improvement of 54 from the 580 counted in November 2016 and frll 80 from the 714 counted in December 2015.
They will report the highest count for each species on each day for different parts of the country.
The average Canadian rig count for November 2016 was 173, up 17 from the 156 counted in October 2016 and down five from the 178 counted in November 2015.
It plans to use statistical methods to produce a more accurate count for the allocation of federal funds, congressional redistricting and other allowable uses, but not for apportionment.
In addition, the worldwide rig count for September 2016 was 1,584, an increase of 37 from the 1,547 counted in August 2016 and drop by 587 from the 2,171 counted in September 2015.
The promise of that rare find among so many species a birder is accustomed to spotting near home has kept Marshall of Ventura involved in the annual count for more than a decade.