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Most executives are too accustomed to being singled out and set apart to dwell on what it means to belong to an exclusionary establishment in today's climate of public countability.
Workflow and notification features are designed to ensure that customers get the level of service expected and a system for automating the escalation of service issues is in place to give ac countability.
Other potential gains include better quality practice, more confident and proactive practitioners, enhanced professional vitality and satisfaction, a stake in the knowledge that guides current and future practice, additional resources, improved ac countability to service providers and our clients and the public and new and rewarding collaborations.
In asking us to distinguish between ac countability and the language of accounting, Readings wants us to ask, How do we measure accountability without allowing education itself to be framed in the context and interests of a corporate logic and language, without, in short, buying into a rhetoric which participates in the very transformation of public institutions into marketplace commodities?
The underlying reason for provincial non-ac countability is the same syndrome as has crippled band governments: a growing reliance on transfers from Ottawa and corresponding reluctance by local majorities to undertake the painful exercise of weighing the incremental benefits of more spending against the incremental costs of more taxing.
Government's Role Mode of Ac- No formal mode of accountability, but can countability be linked to SA 8000.
When the Health Insurance Portability and Ac countability Act (HIPAA) was enacted in 1996, few long-term care providers gave it much attention.
This terrain, today more than ever, is contested as journalists increasingly--and appropriately--probe issues of scientific responsibility and ac countability, questioning the ideologies and social priorities that guide science policy decisions.
O'Malley's revision would seemingly address at least part of Bishop Ac countability.