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It implies that there exists (at most) a countable subset E in [epsilon] such that
Note that S is non-void because if we fix s [member of] S, S contains the commutative semigroup <s> generated by s which is countable an amenable.
In Polish, bagaz 'luggage' and mebel 'furniture' denote discrete entities, consequently, bagaz SG, bagaze PL and mebel SG, meble PL are countable nouns.
Notice D [intersection] U is countable, D [intersection] U [subset or equal to] A [intersection] U and
Because of the differences in (uniform or less uniform) conceptualization we cannot predict whether the noun denoting a particular entity is countable or not.
The couple owns $200,000 of excess liquid assets beyond the 2014 Community Spouse Resource Allowance (CSRA) of $117,240 for a total of $312,240 of countable assets.
3 Vector spaces of finite or countable dimension as permutation modules
Countable income means income received by the claimant and his or her dependents.
In section 3, several interesting properties and constructions of [zeta]-open subsets are discussed in the case of anti locally countable spaces.
2] An IFTS (X, [tau]) is called intuitionistic fuzzy Lindelof if each intuitionistic fuzzy open cover of X has a countable sub cover for X.
Then, the set of all jump discontinuity points of f is at most a countable set in R.