counted upon

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Yet, for many children in disadvantaged communities, the educational materials required to optimize their learning, cannot always be counted upon.
The whole business has deeply upset Professor Sato Akira, and he calls upon his friend Mortimer, who can always be counted upon for good advice.
Shannon can always be counted upon to accomplish any task in a prompt and appropriate manner.
Acceptance at all faculties excluding the faculty of Science was conducted according to the equivalence rate which is counted upon the results of academic skills examination which is done by each student willing to join KU, besides the gpa of the high school certificate, Dr.
Says NAA Past Chairman Ro Freeman, "Steve could always be counted upon to step up to the toughest challenges NAA faced as the years rolled by.
Waqar commented on the absence of off-spinner Saeed Ajmal saying that leggie Yasir Shan and left-hand spinner Zulfiqar Babar can be counted upon.
As they constitute a significant portion of the country's population, they are counted upon for fresh ideas and for your ability to mobilize their ranks into action to care for the earth's resources.
He is cautious about his chances on Sunday but he is nothing if not ultra consistent and can be counted upon to keep on bagging the points.
5 rebounds, his pick and roll defense shall be counted upon once Jordan is relegated to the best during rest breaks and foul trouble.
This will confirm that its young human capital can be counted upon to shape a better tomorrow.
Finally, Nichols added that during the last year NAPSLO has put into motion a renewed emphasis on communicating the value of the wholesale distribution system to retail agents: "We're working to make sure that NAPSLO members are positioned as innovators who can be counted upon to bring value to an insurance transaction.
We are grateful and proud to have counted upon him for his wisdom and dedication over the decades.