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The Indian made no reply for near a minute, but bent his fierce looks on the countenance of Cora, in such wavering glances, that her eyes sank with shame, under an impression that for the first time they had encountered an expression that no chaste female might endure.
It was something even more intense than despair that I then observed upon the countenance of the singular being whom I had watched so pertinaciously.
A smile lighted his countenance, for a single moment, and then the whole man sunk again into his former look of dignity and coldness, suddenly recalled to self-possession.
'Your speaking countenance, ' said Wegg, 'being answered to its satisfaction, only asks then, "What have you found?" Why, I hear it say the words!'
"The days now passed as peaceably as before, with the sole alteration that joy had taken place of sadness in the countenances of my friends.
'You should do so, Sir,' said Pott, with a severe countenance.
The latter, however, studied the countenance of the young lady near him as the best index to their comparative merit, and he was soon able to read his own want of success.
The carver, still in the same secrecy that marked all his operations upon this mysterious image, proceeded to paint the habiliments in their proper colors, and the countenance with Nature's red and white.
Endicott gazed round at the excited countenances of the people, now full of his own spirit, and then turned suddenly to the standard-bearer, who stood close behind him.
The buoyancy of his gait, the elasticity of his step, and the hilarity of his countenance, showed that he anticipated, with chuckling satisfaction, the surprise he was about to give those who had ejected him from their society in rags.
I had hardly recovered from my surprise, when he suddenly turned round, and, with a most benignant countenance extended his right hand gracefully towards me.
She looked suspiciously at her sister; Maria's countenance was to decide it: if she were vexed and alarmed--but Maria looked all serenity and satisfaction, and Julia well knew that on this ground Maria could not be happy but at her expense.