counter order

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Then came a difficulty about a spring-board, and soon three people were running backwards and forwards over the meadow, with orders and counter orders and recriminations and apologies.
Concept is clean and modern w/ counter order & self serve.
Interestingly, for every order issued by SC on his case, Karnan passed a counter order. At one point, he ordered the arrest of SC judges.
Declining to disclose cost figures for his kiosks, he says the average kiosk order is $11 to $12, or about twice the average counter order.
Besides having the counter order system replace waitservice, the new units will be about two-thirds the size of traditional Friendly's so that they can be managed by a smaller staff.
This directive, issued as a formal order, was a serious breach in the accepted protocol and prompted a counter order by Lucas Menendez, principal cacique of Timucua, calling for the immediate murder of all Spanish soldiers stationed in the province.
A `blast the Russkies' order comes through, rapidly followed by an incomplete counter order.
This beautiful restaurant concept is clean and modern w/ counter order & self serve, with 70 seats.
Were there orders, counter orders and finally disorder?
The traditional counter service is also available, but there is a new twist in the way the food is prepared for both table service and counter orders.