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Miller, I had indeed to go campaigning before, but I was barbed from counter to tail, and a man went along to groom me; and now I cannot understand what ailed me to prefer the mill before the battle.
There was a long counter to the left of him, with drawers and miscellaneous commodities ranged behind it, a number of chairs, several tables, and two spittoons to the right, various barrels, cheeses, and bacon up the vista, and beyond, a large archway leading to more space.
Thy silent pride is always counter to their taste; they rejoice if once thou be humble enough to be frivolous.
Half way through, a little child-sister of one of the other women employed trotted into the office, and popped under the counter to go and speak to her relative.
This instance is selected from among a multitude that might be cited to confirm the truth already advanced and illustrated by domestic examples; which is, that nations pay little regard to rules and maxims calculated in their very nature to run counter to the necessities of society.
Speaking about the unique features of the GO Counter, Thomas Bowen said, "In an always connected world, sometimes you meet people face to face, to let them sample your products, hold them, or just have a branded counter to stand out in a crowd.
Display the number of visitors browsing your site in real time, or set the counter to not display if you wish.
2 [mu]s, however a longer time is required for the counter to produce a full amplitude pulse.
For this counter to work well, the fullback must fake well and dent the LOS as if he were the ball-carrier.
The addition of Counter to our product line will be a significant contributor to our international business.
Steven Haney, 34, of Fort Worth, Texas, was looking for the baggage counter to ask about missing luggage when the shooting erupted.
Even more exciting is the ability of the TES photon counter to provide the energy of the incoming photon.