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Miller, I had indeed to go campaigning before, but I was barbed from counter to tail, and a man went along to groom me; and now I cannot understand what ailed me to prefer the mill before the battle." "Forbear," said the Miller to him, "harping on what was of yore, for it is the common lot of mortals to sustain the ups and downs of fortune."
Can you imagine a scenario where a player has to concede the first counter to their opponent in order to win the game?
"Till then, we are letting customers who are not comfortable with billing their purchases at the same counter to use this counter," he said.
Such communities may be unable to sustain the local businesses on their own, without a service such as a banking counter to draw shoppers in, he added.
The dead time is thought (3) to be about 0.2 [mu]s, however a longer time is required for the counter to produce a full amplitude pulse.
If the signal is higher than the stored reference voltage, it tells the digital counter to count up, otherwise it tells the counter to count down.
Schleicher & Schuell UK have added a new colony counter to their range.
The best kind of counter to run against an Okie (five-man defensive front) is the Counter Sweep shown in Diag.
This counter is based on a heterodyne architecture that uses a YIG preselector to enable the counter to measure individual signals selectively in multi-signal environments, regardless of relative amplitude, making it well-suited for telecommunications applications.
It extends on heavy-duty glides that were mounted under the counter to the inside walls of its end panels.
Even more exciting is the ability of the TES photon counter to provide the energy of the incoming photon.