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Associate Justice Francis Jardeleza used last week's House justice committee hearing on the impeachment complaint filed against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno to deliver a counteraccusation three years in the making: He asserted that it was Sereno, not he, who had committed acts of treason during the preparation of the (successful) Philippine arbitral case against China.
Yet with new alleged victims and perpetrators emerging every day, there feels still some way to go before the whirlwind of accusation and counteraccusation blows itself out.
The death of Guatemalan lawyer Rodrigo Marzano is shrouded in mystery, accusation and counteraccusation.
IT'S all getting very sporty in the battle for the chair of the GTA between Ricky Holloway and John Simpson, with accusation and counteraccusation flying.
Also in this section are Mary Rhiel's essay on Riefenstahl's memoir as a "narrative of defense and counteraccusation," and Celia Applegate's analysis of music in Riefenstahl's Nazi era films (203).
Exactly what happened remains shrouded in accusation and counteraccusation.
It is another twist in this tale of accusation and counteraccusation and a hammer blow to Argentina's struggle for respect in the corridors of power at the International Rugby Board.
In so doing, Loisy met Sabatier's accusation that the "generating principle" of Catholicism was heteronomy with the counteraccusation that Protestantism was only fully realized in religious individualism, and he repudiated this individualism.
While pledging not to "endanger a feud," Hamilton nevertheless made the counteraccusation that "a formed party" was deliberately bent on nothing less than subverting the government.
Others were imprisoned in China's Gulag; literally hundreds of millions were caught up in the whirlwind of accusation, counteraccusation, self-criticism, and criticism of others.
He is caught in his own quagmire of accusation and counteraccusation concerning who said what about the scope of the genocide there.
By remaining silent, the government lets the door wide open to accusations and counteraccusation that will take the country to a dangerous division.