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I took it that the very mystery of the proceeding was in some way a counteractant to his grief.
Vanata is named on the original patent held by Monsanto Corporation for I malodor counteractant material commercially known as Veliex.
More specifically, against such figures as Lyotard and Foucault, Schrag suggests that "in the proverbial final analysis the postmodern counteractant of celebrating plurality, incompleteness, and difference may well be an overreaction that leaves us with a subject too thin to bear the responsibilities of its narratival involvements" (pp.
The system uses a corrosion-resistant titanium nozzle to produce an extremely fine spray of the odor counteractant in a reaction chamber; and features automated chemical feed and other appurtenance.
recently introduced NilotronTM Metered Aerosol, the newest member of a revolutionary odor counteractant aerosol family that is significantly "environmentally improved.
is certainly the sort of bard and counteractant most needed for our materialistic, self-assertive, money-worshipping, Anglo-Saxon races, and especially for the present age in America,--an age tyrannically regulated with reference to the manufacturer, the merchant, the financier, the politician, and the day workman; for whom and among whom he comes as the poet of melody, courtesy, deference,--poet of the mellow twilight of the past in Italy, Germany, Spain, and in Northern Europe, poet of all sympathetic gentleness, and universal poet of women and young people.
Understanding the nature of this odor allows the fragrance technology in Aromaguard to virtually eliminate this smell, allowing a targeted counteractant fragrance to be added to create a more luxurious self-tan experience, according to St.
5% of a map odor counteractant selected from amyl cinnamaldehyde, benzophenone, benzyl benzoate, benzyl isoeugenol, benzyl phenyl acetate, benzyl salicylate, butyl cinnamate, cinnamyl butyrate, cinnamyl isovalerate, cinnamyl propionate, decyl acetate, ethyl myristate, isobutyl cinnamate, isoamyl salicylate, phenethyl benzoate, phenethyl phenyl acetate, triethyl citrate, tripropylene glycol n-butyl ether and combinations thereof; approximately 95% of at least one of an alkali metal inorganic salt and an alkaline-earth metal inorganic salt; 0.
DeoEssence[R], a proprietary odor counteractant technology for pet, home, and industrial applications
So, by purchasing what may be a more expensive cleanser, you can eliminate the need for a separate odor counteractant and degreaser.
The class will explore fragrance in personal care--including solubility of individual aroma chemicals, partitioning into emulsion and surfactant systems, stability and viscosity issues, and aesthetic translation into diverse media--and fragrance in household products, including interaction of fragrance with substrates, stability in hostile environments, air fresheners and candles and malodor counteractants.