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That is why below some of the common processes as regards counteracting violence all around India is concerned are stated as follow: It needs wide ranging social plebiscite, which means the cooperation of both government and private agencies of Indian as well as that of the globe.
The activities on counteracting trafficking in persons have been added to the work of Women Resource Centres in Tajikistan in June 2016.
The unit includes employees of various directorates of the Interior Ministry involved in counteracting illegal migration a Chief Directorate National Police, Chief Directorate Border Police, Migration Directorate, Sofia Directorate of the Ministry of Interior (SDMI) etc.
The findings suggest that counteracting this hormone--called cholecystokinin, or CCK--could help elderly people regain a healthy appetite and avoid anorexia, a condition of dangerous weight loss.
Dietary soy may reduce the risk of cancer by counteracting the cell-proliferating effect of estrogen-replacement therapy.
The church is already involved in ways of counteracting stress among the farming community, and is encouraging new initiatives in diversification and organic farming.
In response to requests from teachers and parents for assistance in detecting and counteracting racist and sexist attitudes in children's literature and textbooks, the CIBC established the Racism and Sexism Resource Center for educators.
Almost counteracting that is the author's overuse of parenthetical phrases.