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Ukrainian delegation was headed by the Deputy Prosecutor General Yuriy Udartsov who made a suggestion to include in the Summit's closing document statements on support of corruption prevention policy, fight against corruption processes that involve high officials, and counteraction to the attempts to influence the work of prosecutors and criminal investigators.
In October, the US lodged a complaint against EU subsidies to Airbus with the World Trade Organisation, which brought a counteraction from the EU against what it termedindirect US government aid for Boeing through defence and research contracts.
With that information you can then make assessments about whether it is a threat or not, which gives you an opportunity to take counteraction.
Robinson said she appreciates the solstice for several reasons, including how it provides a "nice counteraction to the rampant commercialism this time of year.
Recent architectural discussion in many parts of the world has resurrected the idea of the primacy of the diagram as a counteraction to the even greater surface complexity of architectural drawings--a position that one often felt that Cedric supported, though he had more than a grudging admiration for the ebullient--simply because he admired in all things a sense of style.
Similarly, in a resident room or any area where ostomy care is given, if there are issues of cleanliness and contamination, those must be dealt with first, followed by odor counteraction.
According to the Le Chatelier principle, any influence on a system, executed by means of a change of the external conditions, initiates a counteraction of the system.
Some counteraction terrorists fight the totalitarianism of both sides, including idealist activist Marie.
Interestingly, most Mitte galleries kept their distance, staging instead an alternative fair that had the radical flair of the quarter but was unable to conceal its character as a hast fly organized counteraction.
In counteraction, Macdonell conceived the idea of forming highlanders into a single regiment wherein they could find employment, retain their religion and still show their loyalty.
The author clearly shows how diverse disciplines can coalesce to form an efficient terrorist counteraction force.
Besides, say detractors, investors will come to anticipate the signals thrown off by TAA computer models and take counteraction that will limit the strategy's value.