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The S-2 describes the enemy reaction, and each warfighting function again contributes to the friendly counteraction. One officer chimes in near the end to review friendly and enemy personnel losses.
In addition to articulating counteraction theory and technology-specific regulatory inefficacy as theoretical possibilities, this Article examines the actual restrictions on patent-eligibility in two intangible technologies that are on the front lines of the ongoing battles over patent-eligible subject matter: diagnostic inferences and software.
Pyongyang issued an ultimatum to the South Korea to stop blasting its propaganda the loudspeakers across the border by 17:00 local time on Saturday or face a military counteraction.
An efficient IR protection requires specialized strategies that involve an adaptive response to increased heat (specific to IR radiation) and the counteraction of IR-induced ROS production.
"We will demonstrate with the practical military action the firm will of the army and people of the DPRK to take counteraction to defend the sovereignty and dignity of the supreme leadership of the country," the KPA Supreme Command said in a statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency.
But if the hostile forces make provocations against it, it will take strong military counteraction and never pardon them."
Taiwan's industry executives pointed out that Everlight's counteraction is quite encouraging following years of tiresome lawsuits against Taiwan's LED makers by global manufacturers.
However, a prolonged period of weaker financial performance with no counteraction from the government to fix the problem, or a material increase in net financial liabilities toward 90% of operating revenues could push its rating down, the service added.
In October, the US lodged a complaint against EU subsidies to Airbus with the World Trade Organisation, which brought a counteraction from the EU against what it termedindirect US government aid for Boeing through defence and research contracts.
Recent architectural discussion in many parts of the world has resurrected the idea of the primacy of the diagram as a counteraction to the even greater surface complexity of architectural drawings--a position that one often felt that Cedric supported, though he had more than a grudging admiration for the ebullient--simply because he admired in all things a sense of style.
Similarly, in a resident room or any area where ostomy care is given, if there are issues of cleanliness and contamination, those must be dealt with first, followed by odor counteraction.
According to the Le Chatelier principle, any influence on a system, executed by means of a change of the external conditions, initiates a counteraction of the system.