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North Korea "will take strong and decisive counteractions against the south Korean puppet regime's ever-escalating war provocations to it," it said.
It also vowed, in similarly familiar rhetoric, to "take strong and decisive counteractions against the South Korean puppet regime's ever-escalating war provocations.
It warned that if South Korea or the US responds "recklessly" to DPRK's counteractions, prompt actions by rocket forces deployed in the Southwestern sector will turn the five islands in the Yellow Sea into a "sea of flames.
Experts intend to discuss interstate program of joint measures in fight against crimes and program for cooperation in fight against drug, psychotropic substances trafficking and drug addiction counteractions.
Pennichuck didn't always agree with Nashua's groundwork, as executives dashed in actions, counteractions, a takeover attempt and a lawsuit, before finally agreeing to settle their differences in the merger.
Self-objectification in women; causes, consequences, and counteractions.
Nikolov explained then that if Bulgaria undertakes such counteractions, they could impede the right to request compensations from the EU for the losses endured from the Greek farmers' blockade.
In response, LG has said it would take counteractions against Matsushita.