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This, ideally, teaches students that their opinions are often counteractive to that of the government (both currently and historically), but that neither their views nor those of the government and the Constitution are wrong.
The triggers provide an early warning against failures and help initiate counteractive measures," he says.
specific and intentional), the form of the behavior as a counteractive response is often active, directed, and aggressive.
15) Two years later, the OECD published a report that developed criteria to identify harmful tax competition, and recommended as a counteractive solution a proposed blacklist of countries that were to be targeted with various sanctions unless they started sharing tax information with leading OECD countries pursuant to OECD standards.
As such, the use of amulets (whether it contains medicinal plants or holy verses or number charts) worn against the body is a counteractive measure against 'evil' or destructive forces.
Gardner also anchors his analyses in those phenomena that have by and large determined the trajectory of American comics, such as the reactive efforts of censors and critics in the 1950s (including Fredric Wertham) and the resulting Comics Code Authority, as well as the counteractive art generated by the underground comix of the 196os and 1970s.
That realistic forecast of the future required that the existing tendencies should not only be identified but that also an impact of contributing as well as of counteractive factors should be taken into consideration.
The resultant force is the sum of all these acting forces; it will produce a counteractive torque to the driving motor, i.
Al Mugahwi said clonazepam is the scientific name of a drug known as Rivotril which is used mainly for treating epilepsy patients, and as a counteractive for unrest disorders and cases of impatience.
The answers to the following questions are the counteractive measures / recommendations up to some extents; The Growing trend of vulgar advertisement by electronic/ print media is it not a negative effect / bad influence on young minds demeaning moral values instead of promoting Islamic values
The counteractive relationship should also be considered in explaining the changes in the markers during a prolong endurance race.
It is almost like the more we try to make our experience something authentic, the more it becomes contaminated by well intended, but counteractive efforts.