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Koizumi's remark is counteractive if the government really wants the BOJ to hold the quantitative easing policy steady,'' said Masaaki Kanno, chief economist at J.
Clifton disarms each of the cultural toxins and advises a specific counteractive step: "take off some flowers and plant them, / pick up some papers and read them, / stop making some babies and raise them" (121).
Furthermore, even when people are convinced of the valuable contributions of creative thought in adult society, creative thought in children too often is treated as aimless, frivolous, and counteractive to the attainment of academic standards.
52) Unlike Zollers and Callahan, Capozzoli focuses on the kinds of counteractive forces that discourage workplace violence.
This might have reinforced any effect of cocaine possession enforcement on cocaine use if the two drugs are complements but had an unintended counteractive effect if they are substitutes.
Whether it involves chemical reactions in the atmosphere (Munn and Maarouf 1997), impacts upon aquatic ecosystems (Schindler 1998) and agricultural crops (Krupa and Kickert 1989), or effects upon human health (Burnett et al 1998), multiple pollutants and stresses have the capacity to generate outcomes that are synergistic, counteractive or non-linear in nature.
Ensel and Lin (1991) empirically tested the resource deterioration model along with five other models, including the counteractive or resource mobilization model in which stressors increase resources to a higher level.
Hyde) (commenting on the antitrust problems created by OPEC and noting possible counteractive measures); see also Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Oil Prices and Policies and their Effects on the U.
If that pill is swallowed whole, the counteractive drug passes through the body.
Fiscal stimulus has been pushed to such an extent that a further rise in the budget deficit risks a counteractive upturn in long-term interest rates and a debt downgrade -- with all the implications for the international financial markets that would bring.
Nevertheless, his innovation was inchoate and did not really alter the traditional Jewish approach to human behavior, which insisted on the need to batt le the Evil Urge with counteractive habits.