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In various industrial applications - applying an even coat of paint or varnish, for example - the coffee ring effect can be particularly troublesome and scientists have long been seeking ways to counteract it.
To avoid overconcentration on the edges of a wound when spreading itself during the drying-out process, the bacterium produces substances that counteract the coffee ring effect," the researchers explained.
Sodium hydroxide-modified WSP that was low in ferulic acid (FA) significantly counteracted the effect of GOX.
Adding FA by itself completely counteracted the effects of GOX.
Estee Lauder Disappear Smoothing Creme Concealer: Nice product that smooths away linesMien 3 in 1 Concealer Compact: Green counteracts redness, pink shades highlights and defines and beige covers blemishes.
Physicians prescribing a drug that counteracts arthritis and other inflammatory diseases may in rare cases awaken dormant tuberculosis, researchers report in the Oct.
Doctors are convinced that the inexpensive drug counteracts platelet aggregation, so roughly 95 percent of people who've had a heart attack take aspirin for years afterward to help maintain blood flow.
Taking progestin counteracts estrogen's effect of increasing women's susceptibility to uterine cancer, but few studies examined whether progestin also protects against breast cancer.
Fentiman and his colleagues at Guy's Hospital in London, England, based their hypothesis on the knowledge that some breast tumors need the hormone estrogen to grow, and that the hormone progesterone counteracts estrogen's growth message.
Because most of these cancers also require estrogen for growth, postsurgical treatment to seek out and destroy metastatic disease (minute secondary tumors spawned by the original cancer) usually involves endorcrine therapy--starving these cancers of estrogen or providing a drug that counteracts the effects of estrogen.
The products offered through the BPA include ForeScout CounterAct agentless security solutions, Enterprise Manager and Extended Modules for third-party orchestration, as well as ControlFabric Architecture, ForeScout training and ActiveCare support servicesThe Department of Defense has been an IoT pioneer since the militarys earliest networked sensors, weapons and vehicle platforms and today runs some of the largest connected device portfolios in the world, said Niels Jensen, senior vice president of U.S.