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One of the better sports movies in recent memory, "Blue Blood" is a counteragent to the era of the steroid-shooting superhero, a film that puts athletics back in perspective, and on a human scale.
His real annoyance, however, is directed towards the void in which he finds himself, where "only the appreciation of a special intelligence can counteract the superficial appreciation of the inferior intelligence of the mass of readers and critics" (Jean-Aubry 316), and where it was his lot rarely, if ever, to experience the effects of that counteragent in momentary remove from the pressures of superficial respect.
If the future of Swiss research and development looked dismal there for a while, Schmitt and Kubler would seem to have hatched a counteragent to the swarthiness of all the doomsday prophecies being spun in recent months: 'Science City.' In the 'Science City' mix these are additions to the existing complex in Honggerberg, including 750 student apartments, a new c-science lab, e-learning and -conference center, an athletic complex as well as an additional research center.
1954) (Brossman, J., concurring) (reasoning that Article 31(b) warnings were implemented "to provide a counteragent for possible intangible 'presumptive coercion,' implicit in military rank and discipline").
The national minority principle can be the natural counteragent to the particular form of antisemitism engendered by emancipation.
Just as the symptoms of neurasthenia were conceded to be contradictory in their multiplicity, so the counteragent had to be handled warily with due attention to each sufferer's idiosyncracies.
Extrapolating, we can say that for Yeats a good allegory is a counteragent to fragmentation, personal, cultural and political; a good allegory links, unifies, and imposes coherence where before we may have seen only a heap of unrelated items, a collection of personae.
The medical countermeasure advanced development and manufacturing facility, recently opened in Alachua, Florida, will serve as a laboratory for pharmaceutical companies to bring in small teams to focus on counteragents for viruses, such as Ebola, and toxins that could be weaponized, such as anthrax.
But Carter invents enough intrigue and mirrors within mirrors and doors leading to more doors to keep even the eyes of a well-informed reader glued to the page, featuring as it does, secret agents, spies and counteragents (some historical figures, some not) with truths and lies (and eventually bullets) flying past each other on the recognizable streets of D.C." ALAN CHEUSE
Antolovich is accused of embezzling $1.5mn owned by one of NCSP's counteragents in 2011.
This becomes possible when the following conditions have been fulfilled: a) mutual and long-term interest of counteragents in effective cooperation; b) optimal actions of governmental authorities and credit and financial institutions as regulators.
There is also an awareness of counteragents, which is reminiscent of The Path to the Spiders' Nests: "Perhaps all the agents in your pay work also for the conspirators, are themselves conspirators; and thus you are obliged to continue paying them, to keep them quiet as long as possible" (39).