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As Regina Psaki has shown, Boccaccio is parodying here the conventional medieval motif of women's secret knowledge and power, often posited as a corrosive counteragent to that of men--an ironic projection, considering that it was men who conspired to exclude women from higher learning.
50) As the official medieval counteragent to witchcraft, this ecclesiastical power of cursing and blessing is relentlessly lampooned in Marlowe's burlesque scenes at Rome.
This book, appealing to those studying any of the natural sciences, acts as a counteragent to other books which claim that the universe can be, and perhaps someday will be, fully explained through science.
Unless a counteragent can be found within 48 hours, London will be ground zero for a global pandemic.
The deadly virus has been detected and unless a counteragent can be found within 48 hours, London will the centre of a pandemic.
Unless a counteragent can be found, London will be ground zero for a global pandemic.
If the future of Swiss research and development looked dismal there for a while, Schmitt and Kubler would seem to have hatched a counteragent to the swarthiness of all the doomsday prophecies being spun in recent months: 'Science City.
concurring) (reasoning that Article 31(b) warnings were implemented "to provide a counteragent for possible intangible 'presumptive coercion,' implicit in military rank and discipline").
Just as the symptoms of neurasthenia were conceded to be contradictory in their multiplicity, so the counteragent had to be handled warily with due attention to each sufferer's idiosyncracies.
But Carter invents enough intrigue and mirrors within mirrors and doors leading to more doors to keep even the eyes of a well-informed reader glued to the page, featuring as it does, secret agents, spies and counteragents (some historical figures, some not) with truths and lies (and eventually bullets) flying past each other on the recognizable streets of D.
Turkey also intends to double its sweets supplies to Russia to $80 million in 2015 from around $37 million in 2013 on the background of rising interest from Russian firms to counteragents from nations which did not aid approvals against Moscow, Hidayet Kadiroglu, head of the association s confectionery direction, said.
There is also an awareness of counteragents, which is reminiscent of The Path to the Spiders' Nests: "Perhaps all the agents in your pay work also for the conspirators, are themselves conspirators; and thus you are obliged to continue paying them, to keep them quiet as long as possible" (39).