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Be generous in your research and thoughtfulness when building a counterargument.
The third counterargument is that IO is not suited for major combat operations, and thus many military planners perceive it as a tool only for counterinsurgency or irregular warfare, whereby keeping the violence threshold low or controlling the attitudes and the behavior of the local populace is paramount.
Another counterargument is that due process has been expanded, and it has in some ways.
The commissioner, during his time in [Turkey], had the opportunity to convey all of the EU's arguments and counterarguments to [the Turkish side].
Disclaimer: Aweil Today-US Media Team is a grassroots Aweil Community effort to sensitize the deceitful ways of Khartoum and to offer a counterargument to making an undisputed land such as the 14 Mile Area a disputed one.
Those nursing the suspicion that Hollywood politics are awash in knee-jerk liberalism may well have their cynicism validated by "FrackNation," a counterargument to the outcry over the natural-gas retrieval process known as "fracking" recently explored in Gus Van Sant's feature "Promised Land.
I am afraid that through the back-and-forth arguments and counterarguments on disjunctive types, natural kinds, mental causation, downward causation, over-determined causation, multiple realization, and so on, the original insights of the two fundamental arguments--the argument from multiple realizability and Kim's counterargument (1)--have been blurred or not adequately examined.
In that case Gaunilo will have produced a counterexample: the obvious unwarrantedness of his counterargument will show that Anselm's argument is similarly unwarranted.
Pinker's The Better Angels of Our Nature makes a compelling counterargument, and a scholarly case for hope that better days may truly lie ahead.
Anticipating and engaging three likely counterarguments will strengthen the original argument, The first counterargument is that the vast majority of mutations are silent, that is, they do not affect gene expression and are therefore insignificant.
But if Steyn, Coombs, and others wish to frame it that way, there is an equally powerful counterargument.
One tutor, for example, recalled raising a counterargument that an atheist might make to a writer who assumed a uniformly religious readership even though that tutor is not an atheist.