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plot, a counterassault by liberals kept the mainstream press from taking up the story in a big way.
After Jason's "bigamous" new oath of marriage to Creon's daughter, Medea's only means of defense and counterassault is to contract herself to infernal powers through the magical cantus and votum of witchcraft, and simultaneously to injure Jason through the violation of her own familial obligations by killing their children.
There were also a counterassault by TDP members on the ministers.
Hezbollah has maintained robust conventional and unconventional military capabilities, which it demonstrated by launching thousands of rockets into Israel and withstanding a blistering Israeli counterassault during the 2006 summer war.
The campaign to tame the NJEA and the counterassault have left both contenders reeling.
"There is no retreat!" cried Brigadista Erneido Oliva, one of the outnumbered freedom fighters, as the communist counterassault intensified.
"The motives and tactics of the other side have gone unanswered for far too long." Working from a new space in the ATLA headquarters building dubbed "the war room," Mather said the Communications staff is now "intensely committed" to a counterassault.
and incited a counterassault by conservative faculty members, leading to
Right now, IBM can clearly claim superior density on four-way blades, and that has got to be making HP's engineers stay awake at night planning their counterassault on IBM.
The workshops are a cooperative effort of the Service's Western Washington Office, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Defenders of Wildlife, Wolfhaven International, U.S.D.A.'s Wildlife Services agency, Northwest Ecosystem Alliance, Insight Wildlife Management, and CounterAssault Bear Deterrent Spray.
All this increased enemy dependence on supply lines and magnified the surprise effect of a deep counterassault.
culpability in the suffering of ordinary Iraqis, is the latest counterassault in the ongoing battle for public opinion over the situation in Iraq.