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Later, one fighter who was keeping watch for Islamic State suicide attackers along the highway said his nervousness about a potential jihadist counterassault was nothing compared with the nightmare of the twisting drive down Mount Sinjar.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Military sources said that the Syrian Army defended its positions against the ISIL Takfiri terrorists' offensive in the nearby areas of Kuweires Airbase in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo, and killed at least 20 militants in its counterassault.
Ukrainian forces stormed an airfield at Kramatorsk and launched a counterassault against militiamen in Sloviansk.
Earlier this year, for instance, when France asked for help in its counterassault against jihadists in Mali, Washington initially offered drones.
A letter to the editor of the Toronto Star bemoaned the "Brutal Treatment of the Unemployed," hinting at the way in which resistance to "cracking the stone" had unleashed an ideological counterassault of property and propriety:
It will be the task of the discourse to undermine this critique with a systematic counterassault, namely, Pasolini's flaunting of his authorial presence.
plot, a counterassault by liberals kept the mainstream press from taking up the story in a big way.
After Jason's "bigamous" new oath of marriage to Creon's daughter, Medea's only means of defense and counterassault is to contract herself to infernal powers through the magical cantus and votum of witchcraft, and simultaneously to injure Jason through the violation of her own familial obligations by killing their children.
There were also a counterassault by TDP members on the ministers.
The campaign to tame the NJEA and the counterassault have left both contenders reeling.
Working from a new space in the ATLA headquarters building dubbed "the war room," Mather said the Communications staff is now "intensely committed" to a counterassault.