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Knowing the location of German reserves, as well as their counterattacking habits, the Canadians prepared march tables for them, estimated their times of arrival at certain points, and shelled them unmercifully, thereby destroying them before they could do serious damage.
CAROLINE WEIR'S superb free-kick sealed a 2-1 win for Liverpool Ladies over Arsenal Ladies in a performance that demonstrated the Reds' counterattacking strength.
Yes, they have pace when they break but they aren't a great counterattacking side.
In the treble season the team's success was based on a strong defence and a counterattacking philosophy,but the team hasn't progressed from that point and the manager and the coaching staff seem at odds as to which is the best way for the team to play.
Lockwoods' counterattacking style brought them further goals through Matty Brannagan, James Dagnall, Joe Hannaford and Adam Bates.
Goals from Maksim Shatskikh and Aliaksandr Khatskevich either side of half-time were enough to hand Dynamo Kiev all three points at the Olympic Stadium on a night when their brand of breathtaking counterattacking football was just too much for the Magpies.