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A repeated-measure, counterbalanced design was employed in which all students experienced both treatments.
As part of the overall contract, Eurodix asked Atlet to manage the servicing of their entire fleet, including the Toyota and some other counterbalanced trucks.
A constructive solution to the two shortcomings indicated above would be to delete the findings in question and replace them with the following findings: * That the land value of the developed site would be enhanced as a result of lifting the building height limits * That the new public access provided along the shoreline on the site would counterbalance any reduction in visual access to the waterfront from public spaces in the immediately surrounding upland area as a result of lifting the building height limits * That any blockage of natural light and air resulting from the lifting of the building height limits would be counterbalanced by a corresponding, relative increase in natural light and air at the sides of the subject building
this applied moment must be counterbalanced by a restraining moment if the light is to remain in a fixed position.
There was also a strong focus on counterbalanced trucks.
This effect, however, was counterbalanced by the show's provocative meditations on privacy and intimacy.
Moreover, the researchers estimate that this loss is more than counterbalanced by the addition of oxygen to the atmosphere from the dissociation of water vapor and the subsequent escape of hydrogen atoms.
Offering lifting capacities of 1,500 to 3,000 pounds, a series of AC powered order pickers includes the heavy duty counterbalanced R30XM3 with travel speeds up to 6.