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All students were taught two series of five mathematics lessons in a repeated measure, counterbalanced design.
Even the greatest trepidations were counterbalanced by a fantastic discovery: Brunettes do have more fun.
Rats seem comfortable in the mock-up, which is suspended from a counterbalanced tether, he adds.
Year-end 2000 closed with negative sublet absorption of 2 million square feet of space, counterbalanced by over 1.
In a practice that has a history laden with celebrations and denials of its illusionistic artifice counterbalanced by denials and celebrations of its material a ctuality, Stark manages to bridge the two--making pictures that almost become what they depict.
Four of the existing Atlet pallet transporters have been retained and the company supplied anew Toyota LPG powered counterbalanced lift truck for loading vehicles.
Hall rightly emphasizes the way in which any gain for the offense, for example, in the use of siege artillery, was counterbalanced by improvements in the defensive capacities of combatants, for example, in the development of new forms of fortification.
Desiree playfully exploited her substantial technical resources as she pranced through the quirky turns and confidently attacked the counterbalanced adagio.
Energy from each larger gear is counterbalanced by the other and is directed inward, toward the gears turning each shaft.
The significant patient potential and unmet need characteristic to the Metabolic Syndrome market are counterbalanced by a significant number of challenges.
Jake and his pal's dysfunction around women and the show's rote use of Jake's unrequited infatuation as the woman imperiled are counterbalanced by decent enough suspense sequences.
This effect, however, was counterbalanced by the show's provocative meditations on privacy and intimacy.