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At the top of a vertical loop, the centripetal force that glues you to your seat must be equal to or greater than one g to counterbalance gravity's downward tug.
Holovac, a company principal with a bravura technique, shows a bent for creating effective duets that require strong partnering and secure counterbalances.
Near the coronal base, the increased magnetic heating counterbalances the extra cooling, but less heating occurs near the top, allowing enough gas to cool and condense into prominences.
Visible counterbalances help open these garage doors and hold them in place.
Reduced weight at both the front and rear of the vehicle also reduces axle load, particularly in the front, which improves driving comfort and performance and, in part, counterbalances the trend to larger engines.
The heartrending story of Yun Yun, who suffers from severe mari-tal abuse, counterbalances the sweetness of the spinsters' success.
Now Beijing and Moscow are interested in finding counterbalances to Washington's power.