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However, a counterbalancing bias may have existed: exposed controls, upon learning that pesticides were one of the major research interests, may have been more interested in participating than nonexposed controls.
Counterbalancing the tradition, timelessness, sensuality, and touristic frame that characterizes the 35 mm photographs of northern Africa are Balk's "design models," as he calls them: eye-popping 3-D-modeled digital bodies that wrest the visual material from an exotic-romantic, postcard-picturesque trajectory.
Kept at waist level, the ring would exert an upward tug on your feet and a downward pull on your head, counterbalancing the black hole's uneven tug on different parts of your body.
During hard cornering or severe avoidance maneuvers, the accelerometer and sensors detect the roll force created and the actuators are directed to apply a counterbalancing force to the stabilizer bars, which greatly reduces roll angle.