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That was Koppel's own point in the thunderous counterblast he penned in the form of an op-ed piece for The New York Times, in which he wrote with a sense of self-importance worthy of the Times itself that "it is, at best, inappropriate and, at worst, malicious to describe what my colleagues and I are doing as lacking relevance.
Booth gave his son-in-law more grief in a splendid half-hour rant on BBC2's Counterblast on Tuesday on pensioners' rights.
One was produced in Germany as a counterblast to Luther.
For example, Edmund Burke's ideas came in response to the challenge of forces for democratization; Adam Smith's thought served as an important theoretical justification of laissez faire; Marxism was an attempt to provide an explanation of the more disturbing consequences of capitalism; marginal analysis was a counterblast to Marxism; Weber's bureaucratic theory can be viewed as a rationalization and, therefore, a theoretical justification of the contradictions of large-scale German monopolies operating within an environment of laissez-faire ideology; Keynesian economics was an intellectual and pragmatic response to the crisis of mass unemployment and the inability of neoclassical economics to locate the cause .
Having discharged himself of this counterblast against magical or naturalistic appropriations of Christian doctrines, this "summa against Renaissance magic, its whole way of thinking, and all its offshoots in the vast contemporary dissemination of magical practices,"(41) Mersenne in the following year attacked the skepticism of Pierre Charron, the "Renaissance naturalism" of Jerome Cardan and the hermetism of Giordano Bruno in L'Impiete des deistes, athees, et libertins de ce temps (1624).
His present paper can be seen, therefore, as a counterblast to the increasingly fashionable belief that some new set of industrial-science-technology policies is needed to replace the now-discredited older forms of government "assistance" to the economy and that this need is born out by the experience of the "high performance Asian economies" (HPAEs), in particular South Korea and Taiwan.
a talk later reprinted in Jack O'Dwyer's PR Services magazine, and this brought a counterblast from Thomas Harris.
We are rapidly expanding into international defense communities based on the results-driven reputation of Cougar's counterblast technology.
Babar Ghouri in his counterblast dared the former cricket star to hold a public meeting in Karachi.
In 1604, King James I published his treatise A Counterblast to Tobacco in which he railed against the plant as "an invention of Satan", banned tobacco from London's alehouses and imposed heavy taxes on it.
And doing right by the older members of our society almost certainly means paying a lot less attention to its younger members - a counterblast to juvenilia.
From the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in Whitehall comes the counterblast that the LGA figures are "pure fantasy" and that this is an annual tradition that we should have got used to by now.